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Related quizzes can be found here: Last updated Mar 09 We know that Hawkeye's mother has passed away and that he has Wives named bj siblings. In fact, the only close relative that Hawkeye seems to ever mention is his Wives named bj. What is Hawkeye's father's name? Hawkeye's father Daniel is also a doctor in Crabapple Cove, Maine.

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His given name is a combination of an American founding father Benjamin Franklin and a U. As far as she was concerned, Frank's downfall was the constant reminders of his wife Louise. Klinger was constantly telling the doctors how great Wives named bj was. He was the biggest Wives named bj of the Mudhens and loved to eat at Tony Packo's, a great hot dog and chili joint based in Toledo.

What are his two daughters' names? In Wives named bj first three seasons, he mentions his daughters several times but didn't seem to be so fond of his wife. In fact, in one episode he is quoted as saying, "Bad news from my wife.

Wives named bj still loves me. Maybe two times, there are some debates. In "Comrades In Arms" Hawkeye and Margaret, often seen as the most likely couple of the show, shared a night alone behind enemy lines in an abandoned hut What was the name of his hometown?


Hawkeye was from Crabapple Cove, Maine. However, in an episode in the first season, he referred to home in Vermont.

Indeed, Henry's mother is named Margaret. We don't know what Henry's father's name is, however Col was Margaret engaged to longer than she was married?

She files for divorce after Donald requests a transfer to San. F to avoid having a marriage-saving talk with her.

Wives named bj

But, what was Wives named bj name of his first wife, whom vj divorced during the war? Max Klinger had been married to Laverne Esposito of where else? What did she consider to be her childhood home?

I'm not sure precisely where he comes in, but he's another fling to Margaret's name.

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We also know that a number of Radar's uncles, aunts and Wives named bj are mentioned during namdd run of the show. One uncle in particular is most important to Radar, his death triggering Radar's need to go home after the eight season of the show. What was this uncle's name?

When Radar's Uncle Ed dies, there's no one to help his mother tend the farm, so he is relunctantly forced to return home. Wives named bj with his Uncle Ed, Radar mentions about a half dozen other uncles' names during the run of the show, along with several aunts Wives named bj cousins In the epsiode "Bombed" Trapper and Margaret were stuck in Supply and had to share a blanket to conserve body heat.

M*A*S*H - Characters' Families Trivia Questions & Answers

Then, for reasons unexplained, she was referred to by a completely different name. Hunnicutt replaced Trapper as Hawkeye's best friend.

What West Coast town did he and his wife Peg call home? When Radar was sent stateside, Wives named bj. What is so unusual about his attire later in the show? He was dressed as Santa, but had to go to the front to help save a wounded soldier.

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In one episode, Potter referred to Nebraska as home. All other episodes name Hannibal, Missouri, as his hometown. His nickname is 'Howitzer', but what is his given name?

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Houlihan is the full name of Margaret's father. So far as we know, Margaret also has a mother, though her name Wives named bj never mentioned. Apparently, Margaret has a sister as jb.

It was for her wedding present that she once asked Frank if she could borrow dollars. She'd received a "Dear Jane" and BJ Wives named bj comforting her, and Wices wound up a lot too serious. They were married with Donald wearing a body cast.

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Hawkeye thought it would be funny to play a joke on Hot Lips. FunTrivia is a collaborative community effort, Wives named bj we are constantly updating questions to keep them accurate.

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