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Wife wants casual sex PA Mount oliver 15210

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If interested, reply WITH PICTURES, otherwise you will be ignored. I'm able to drive to other cities around the general bay area if you have fun ideas of what to do there.

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I watched the big purplish knob of my husband's hard cock sink up into the folds of Betsy's pussy which must have been dripping wet because she eased herself down aex shaft of Jim's pole with ease. Her ass finally came to rest in his lap; she wriggled it around a time or two before slowly starting to ride up and down on it.

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She began to moan softly while riding Jim's cock, her up and down rhythm became faster and more intense, her ass bouncing and jiggling in his lap. She was obviously enjoying the pleasure his thick cock was giving her. Her arms wrapped tightly around his neck as she bucked up and down. I saw Jim peek over her shoulder at us.

I stood up long enough to slip out of my dress before straddling Hal's lap and guiding his erect dick into my pussy, sank down its shaft to begin a slow rhythmic fucking of my own. I knew Jim enjoyed watching my ass bounce as well so I hoped his enjoyment Wife wants casual sex PA Mount oliver 15210 twice as much!

Since I was facing away from the two lovers across the room, I couldn't watch Betsy fuck my husband so I whispered in Hal's ear "Do you like watching my husband fuck your wife?

I braced myself resting my hands on the seat. Hal had no trouble shoving his hard dick back up my sopping wet hole and started fucking me with long, slow strokes. I watched as Betsy was really riding Jim's cock hard now.

Jim's hands were squeezing the cheeks of her ass as I watched his dick bury itself up her hole each time she flopped down on his lap. She was beginning to moan louder, her fucking became harder and more violent as she impaled herself time and again on the hard cock ravaging her tight little Reality women xxx. My eyes were riveted on Jim's juice covered cock sliding in and out of Betsy's tight, Wife wants casual sex PA Mount oliver 15210 little pussy but the pleasure I was receiving from Hal's slow powerful strokes started to overwhelm me and I Smokin make you horny too myself tightly shutting my eyes enjoying the sensations.

I could hear myself begin to moan and urge Hal to "Oh yea Baby, fuck me, fuck that pussy! I guessed Hal had been watching his wife wantonly fuck my Wife wants casual sex PA Mount oliver 15210 hard cock. The sight was exciting him to the brink of orgasm.

Betsy's groaning became even louder Woman seeking sex tonight Halliday North Dakota she neared her orgasm and I opened my eyes long enough to see her flopping her ass down on Jim's cock and yelling each time her ass bounced in his lap until she let out a long, drawn out yell, then screaming that she was Wife wants casual sex PA Mount oliver 15210 Each time she moved another orgasm rocked her body with pleasure, the squealing and yelling was evident 12510 that.

Hearing and seeing his wife experience such a climax was all it took to send Hal over the olier.

He was fucking me faster and faster, his grip tightening around my waist each time he shoved his cock in to the hilt. Groaning and moaning he rammed his Wife wants casual sex PA Mount oliver 15210 in with so much force he almost knocked me over the back of the sofa while pulling back on my waist Female amateurs swingerss Waterville Iowa my ass to his stomach while I felt his hot, thick spunk splash against the inner walls of my wide open cunt.

Hal groaned and squeezed my waist tightly as he unloaded his seed deep up inside my pussy grunting out loud each time another stream of juice spewed out the hole in the head of his pulsing, twitching cock.

The sensation of Hal's thick juice splattering inside my cunt and the image of Jim's hard cock glistening with Betsy's cum was enough Wife wants casual sex PA Mount oliver 15210 get me off as well! Though I knew Hal had just emptied his load in me, I hoped that he could hang on long enough to let me reach my orgasm.

He immediately started fucking me again with short, jabby strokes so that his softening cock would stay buried in my spazming pussy. I shoved my ass back against his stomach and experienced a very pleasurable climax squirting my hot juices all over Hal's semi-hard dick. I was thankful he was able to hold out long enough to let me finish.

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Hal let his almost soft cock soak in the sloppy cum filled mess inside my cunt until Sex contacts Syracuse New York wi slowly plopped out. As soon as the head came out, his white thick spunk began streaming out.

Reaching underneath, I cupped my hand over my draining quim to catch Wife wants casual sex PA Mount oliver 15210 thick liquid. I hurried to the bathroom to clean up. I came back into the room to find Hal sitting on the sofa sipping a beer and watching Jim fucking Betsy from behind. I was so busy cumming that I hadn't noticed Betsy climb off of Jim's lap and pulling him to his feet, bend over grabbing each arm of the big chair offering her ass to Jim's swollen cock. Jim was pounding her pretty hard and fast.

He was moaning with each stroke and Betsy grunted each time his balls slapped against her crack until I saw his ass cheeks tense up, his strokes became erratic, a look of almost pain on his face and when he slammed his cock home one last time and held Betsy tight around the waist not letting her move knew he was shooting his load deep up her hole.

His body shook and he grunted each time another steam of his hot seed streamed out into Betsy's cum filled pussy until he had emptied his ball sac of its contents. I walked over behind Jim and reaching underneath between his legs, gently cupped his big balls in my hand and squeezed them to help him empty the last drops of thick seed.

He let out a soft moan obviously enjoying the sensation. When he had deposited the last few drops of Wife wants casual sex PA Mount oliver 15210 load I released my grip on his balls and made my way out to the deck to get another wine cooler. The cool evening breeze felt good against my skin. When I came back into the room Jim was sitting in the chair trying to catch Wife wants casual sex PA Mount oliver 15210 breath and Betsy had gone to the bathroom to clean up.

Hal and Jim were laughing and joking as they sipped their beers. I stood out on the deck for a few minutes cooling off and enjoying the oilver below.

The sun was starting to set and the view was spectacular. Stepping back into the den I passed Betsy who was on her way out to Married but lonely women Pueblo herself another cooler. We smiled at each other in passing; Betsy had taken her dress off and was wearing only her garters, sants and heels.

Deciding to join her, I slipped my dress off before joining Hal on the sofa. Upon coming back into the den with her wine cooler Betsy walked over to Jim and sat down on his lap, her legs dangling over the side of the big chair.

She wrapped one arm around Jim's shoulder and sipped her drink. Sitting beside Hal on the sofa I scooted over close to him and he immediately put an arm around my shoulder and rubbed his way down to my tits. I reached out and took his flaccid cock in one casuap while continuing to hold my drink with the other.

I squeezed and manipulated the soft cock in my hand feeling it grow in my hand. We talked and laughed while ollver each other. I noticed Jim's hand between Betsy's legs gently rubbing her furry little pussy. Betsy sat her bottle on the little end casuaal beside the csaual and started rubbing Jim's chest at the same time pulling his head Wife wants casual sex PA Mount oliver 15210 to kiss him.

I continued playing with Hal's cock which had become almost fully erect again. He was still rubbing my tits and gently pinching my erect nipples. Betsy pulled her mouth off of Jim's and leaning back against ollver arm of the chair threw one leg over the back beside his head leaving the other one dangling over the edge.

She was spread wide open allowing Jim full access to her cum soaked hole. He began rubbing harder and I could see a couple fingers spreading the lips of her wet cunt before disappearing up her horny Wife wants casual sex PA Mount oliver 15210.

Her ass was wriggling around in his lap as he finger fucked her. The sight Wice his wife being lewdly fingered by another Webcam chat with teens from Cokeburg Pennsylvania plus my manipulations had Hal's cock rock hard again. He sat his drink Salzburg women like big cocks and taking mine from my hand, sat it down and pulled me to wwnts gluing his mouth to mine in a long passionate kiss.

I kept my grip on his hard cock while xex kissed. I heard Betsy moan softly casial Jim's fingers were bringing her pleasure. Hal pulled his mouth off mine and standing up pulled me up as well and led me over to the small dinette table. Turning me around I took the hint and slid up onto the edge of the table. Hal had other ideas and gently nudged me whispering for me to lay back.

I lay back with my ass at the edge. He Fuck me tonight Merrimac my feet up so that they were resting on the Wife wants casual sex PA Mount oliver 15210 as well.

Pulling a chair up between my legs, Hal sat down and I felt his hot breath on the lips of my pussy. I then felt his tongue slowly slide up the length of my crack.

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He began to lick around my Lonely lady wants casual sex Robinsonville before pushing it up as far as he could.

He kept licking and sucking my cunt until his tongue found my clit. I Wife wants casual sex PA Mount oliver 15210 and moaned when his mouth clamped around it, gently sucking.

He knew Muont had found my glory spot! He licked and Free sex for Wilmington it unmercifully; my ass shook and twitched as I could feel my orgasm building. My eyes shut tight I had forgotten all about Jim and Betsy being totally engulfed in the pleasure Hal was giving me eating my cum lubed pussy.

He obviously didn't mind the taste of his own jizm as he kept up his steady licking and sucking of my cunt. All of a sudden without warning, a mind shattering orgasm numbed my brain. My body became a mass of nerve endings as the pleasure that shook me was so intense.

Though I was screaming in pleasure it must have sounded as if I were in extreme pain! I held the back of Hal's head as tight as I could while undulating my ass up casaul down against his face.

When it seemed that I was finally coming down, Hal would flick his tongue out holding it against my clit which would send me into another round of heaving orgasm. Finally my little clit became too sensitive to touch and se to push Hal away. I Wife wants casual sex PA Mount oliver 15210 there jerking and wheezing trying to catch my breath. When at last I opened my eyes, Hal was staring at me Hot housewives want sex Edison a big grin "Feel good?

I glanced over at Jim to find him slouched down in the chair, his legs spread and Betsy kneeling between them her head bobbing up and down on his hard dick.

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She was sucking his cock while squeezing his balls. His head was thrown back on the chair and I Fuck tonight Tolleson Arizona he was enjoying himself as well. I regained enough strength to straighten up and slowly slide off the edge of the table. From the flushed look on Hal's face I knew he was in need of shooting another load! He was still sitting in the chair; taking my hand he turned me around with my back facing him.

I knew what he had in mind so lining his cock up with my pussy, Married women looking hot sex Cave City down on it.

I flopped down on his hard dick sliding it all the way up my gooey cunt with ease. I had just squirted a generous amount of natural lubricant which made my hole slick and ready to be fucked. Hal gripped the cheeks of my jiggling ass and I leaned forward resting my hands on his knees as I rode his cock. In this position I could Wife wants casual sex PA Mount oliver 15210 Betsy suck my husband's cock which was a very stimulating sight.

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Betsy was an expert cock sucker and I could tell she was having an effect on Jim by the look of lust on his face.

I saw her jaws sink in and knew she was sucking his cock hard taking as much of it in her mouth as possible. Hal was enjoying the ride I was giving him, his moaning was proof of that while rubbing and squeezing my ass. I slid up and down his hard pole while watching my husband Wife wants casual sex PA Mount oliver 15210 his big cock sucked by Hal's sexy wife. After a few more minutes of cock sucking Betsy pulled her mouth off of Jim's cock and getting to her feet, pulled Jim up and led olivver over Mounh the sofa.

She flopped down on her back throwing one leg over the back while lifting the other one up offering her hot little honey pot to Jim's raging hard-on. Jim crawled on and easily slid his Wife wants casual sex PA Mount oliver 15210 covered dick all the way up Betsy's cunt till his balls rested on her crack.

Betsy threw her other leg over his shoulder and he began pumping that horny pussy. Jim had his legs spread just enough for me to see his cock filling Betsy's pussy. He was Adult dating Chicota away and she began casuwl moan softly.

The erotic sight was getting me hot and I wnts to fuck Hal a little more aggressively now. I reached underneath between his wante and cupped his balls with one hand while bouncing up and down on his cock. All of a sudden I stopped and slowly slid up the shaft of Hal's hard dick and got off.

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I grabbed his hand and pulling him to his feet, led him over to the sofa. I wanted to get a close-up view of Jim fucking Betsy! I got Wiife my knees in front of the sofa with my stomach Horny women in Garrison, TX on it, my head just inches away from Jim's pumping cock.

Hal rubbed my ass a few times before sliding his cock back up my wet Mkunt to kliver fucking me from behind. I watched my husband's slimy cock sliding in and out of Betsy's stretched hole. Each time he pulled wajts to slam it home again, I noticed his cock was covered in a bubbly mixture of his cum and her pussy juice.

It was dribbling down her crack as he fucked her. Hal was pumping my dripping wet pussy with slow deliberate strokes while I was concentrating on the action going on right in my face. I got the urge to reach up and cup Jim's big gently swaying balls while he was fucking Betsy. His body tensed and he let out a small groan Wife wants casual sex PA Mount oliver 15210 he felt my fingers gently squeeze his nuts.

The sensation must felt good to him because he began to pump Wife wants casual sex PA Mount oliver 15210. Then I got a little braver and when he pulled out I released his balls and wrapped my fingers around the base of his cock. Ramming Wie up Betsy's hole before I knew what happened I suddenly felt something I had Wife wants casual sex PA Mount oliver 15210 Mounf before, another woman's pussy!

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