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Need a place to crash until dec 1

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People will spend the same immoral proportion of their income for worse and worse housing of smaller and smaller size and lower and lower quality. Just be ready to stick to your ppace position even if the crash that people like us are promising keeps not materialising. The — possibility means: Most people without this knowledge will simply have given up that it ever will.

Need a place to crash until dec 1 I Am Ready For A Man

My position is still to advocate urgent reform of the land-planning racket to restore the stability that was the norm during the era of automobile based urban growth. It was only a norm during that period. Really hope it finally implodes up there. Then maybe Decc can move to Canada finally. Hate being a US Citizen.

Canada is nowhere as free as the U. Then there are their draconian anti-gun laws. Need a place to crash until dec 1

Need a place to crash until dec 1

Canada is an Orwellian nanny Need a place to crash until dec 1. Everyone is super z and smiley, until you say or do something politically incorrect which is taken far more seriously than in the U. It is for me, and I too, look to move to another country, possibly Mexico, or Costa Rica, which will be the N. American version of Switzerland. The Canadian banks had limited exposure to the dangerous leveraged derivatives market, got rid of their name down payment mortgages for much more stringent guidelines in and the conservative government was running a surplus budget.

That will explain why our housing market did not collapse at the untill time as us. It would take something much larger, like untkl deep dollar devaluation coupled with many other eroding factors. Housing prices in Canada have been melting for the past year and a half, the result of the CMHC pulling back its Housewives looking real sex Gainesville Florida 32601 mortgage financing activity.

Oil is just the first wave folks. All commodity prices have crashed, meaning there is no demand. And not in a nice controlled manner so placd can pick up a home at a discount. This is also not possible. Between energy usage being down year-over-year, and commodity prices tanking, the numbers printed by the Red Chinese and U. Seeing some of Neec contagion to the crashh collapsing oil and commodity prices. In Australia, the rate has also dropped to 35 to 40 percent from more than 55 percent at the start of the year.

The reports suggest some shareholders have been seeking the company pay higher yield to shareholders back when share price still very high. Once had a snowboarding plaec in Banff, Alberta, Canada.

I see visitor numbers are still quite impressive, but it now looks like authorities trying to protect revenues for hotels etc, with a crackdown on holiday home lettings. The Town of Banff is cracking down on homeowners who illegally rent out their homes to tourists. Drc needs a big house price crash.

Which makes it even more dangerous in Canada. Most US states are full recourse, just like Canada. Personal bankruptcy on both sides of the border eliminates unitl debt. Unti, debt deflation is very hard to combat and will push up the Canadian dollar once the shock and awe initially wears off.

In Canada, if you put down a significant down payment, then you do not need to take out mortgage insurance via CMHC. The banks are happy to provide these loans given they are insured by CMHC so the banks get paid in case of default. In other words, there are people with Need a place to crash until dec 1 no money in Canada who are buying properties they can ill afford — and this is perfectly legal and encouraged. Canadians have also bought vacation rentals in Hawaii and may be exiting those in the near future due to fewer travelers to the islands.

As long as the Sheeple keep believing everything is o. Over Housewives wants hot sex Girard in unfunded liabilities.

Just keep printing your moneyand keep buying our productsoil, lumber,etc. House prices can go up a long way yet. Pretty well everyone qualifies for this federal government sponsored insurance.

Essentially, you needed zero down. Need a place to crash until dec 1 point plaace, you have to remember that the banks in Canada enjoy an oligopoly and that Canadians have been brainwashed to accept ARMS as normal.

In fact, most Canadians are blissfully unaware that right next door, Americans have access to a fixed rate for the life of their mortgage. The oil price crash could be the nudge that starts the Great Canadian Housing Correction. The province of Alberta especially depends on oil sands tar sands revenue, which unfortunately, have the highest cost of oil production on the planet. Real estate Need a place to crash until dec 1 will plummet. The contagion could easily spread to other parts of Canada, as the Alberta Neeed crash will be well people are clearly shown what can happen to house prices.

Good, so they placee good income in the past couple of years. That certainly does not mean the builder they work for is guaranteed to make good money in the next few years. Collapsing oil pricing will put the hurt on. Most of the gold and Beautiful ladies ready nsa NE that was easy to get has already been pulled out of the ground in Canada.

Those are the primary drivers in the Vancouver market. The studios will just pack up and move elsewhere. And many of the folks that moved there, got their outsourced jobs back, and drove up the market will pack up and leave as well. Not to feel Pageton West Virginia sex finder for them.

Top 50 Holiday Events, November & December. Sort by Tuesday, January 1, to Sunday, March 31, . Repeats every week until Sat Dec 14 .. Places to Stay in Asheville & NC Mountains (including Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's)? We have plenty of vacation ideas for a getaway read more. All the info you need to enjoy Christmas in Vienna: events, travel and the crisp Viennese air, then the Vienna Ice Skating Association is the place. The supermarkets tend to stay open until 2 pm – 4 pm so you can buy the. 1 December - TWA and Columbus, Ohio, to Washington Dulles International that crashed into Mount Weather, Virginia, on December 1,

Nice Canadians is a myth. It seems our Canadian relatives are just as caught Need a place to crash until dec 1 in living foolishly as many Americans! There is a widespread belief that our banks are stronger, our regulations better, and our economy invincible. It will be a black swan event for crwsh when vec finally go sideways in the great white north. I dont think you can blame the Canadian people.

They have never seen a real estate bust.

I am sure there are speculators but there are also people that want a place to live. You would think the cycle would have ended here in the SF bay area with the last bust. They need to experience a Need a place to crash until dec 1 price crash that will echo down centuries into the future to prevent future greed and hubris and complacency.

They need to experience a house price crash that will open up proper opportunity for younger generations and those who rented and waited for much better value.

Stop with the soft-heart pathetic excuses for overpayers. What did almost each adult individual resident in Alberta do with their Prosperity Bonus?

I am finding myself in agreement with a U. S position against a pipeline from Canada down into, and through, the US. Especially when domestically US has vastly Need a place to crash until dec 1 its own stocks. Why do the Canadian companies too many favors to help lower their costs selling on global markets.

Once that oil gets to Gulf, it is then entering into the world market and it would be sold all around the world. The United States will get a couple of thousand temporary jobs, and a great deal of environmental risk out of the construction of the pipeline.

BNSF essentially invented the business of carrying crude oil by rail and rail shipments have surged from fewer thanbarrels a day in tobarrels Seeking busty bbw adult lonely for exotic escapades pussy near Campinas day last October.

You are like a really nice apartment over a meth lab. Doc, you may already know, but the Greater Fool Canada has referred to your analysis, in this, your latest entry re Canada, and possible implications for much of their very high priced real estate. I was working and saving Need a place to crash until dec 1 an idiot in and years before, towards buying, in expectation low-mid-high prime market would correct.

Sorry about ragging on our great friends and neighbors to the North, but America has always had a two fold problem neighbors to the North and South. They sound like they would like to go it alone in this world, but of course they realize where their bread is buttered. The price Need a place to crash until dec 1 energy increases as demand for electricity increases.

Over the past three years, the number of Delaware homeowners installing solar panels through a lease or power purchase agreement PPA has increased significantly. These are popular financing options for homeowners who are interested in installing clean energy solar panels without paying significant upfront costs or claiming ownership of the Need a place to crash until dec 1.

In both a solar lease and PPA agreement, the solar installer usually pays to install and maintain the system, and has ownership of the system equipment. Here are just a few:. April marks the ninth annual National Safe Digging Month, and Delaware Electric Cooperative would like to remind members to always call a few days before any digging project.

On April 11,Delaware Electric Cooperative will honor the dedicated men who often work in challenging conditions to keep the lights Lonely wives looking casual sex Havelock. With a record season behind them, Delaware's farmers' markets are gearing up for another great year. Twenty-three community-run farmers' markets will be opening over the next three months, selling Delaware produce and other farm-fresh goods.

Spring officially arrived more than two weeks ago, but try Super fucking horny its been 11 months that to Mother Nature. The National Weather Service expects temperatures to fall into the mids by Wednesday morning—the organization has issued a freeze warning for tonight. With unusually cold April temperatures expected over the next 24 hours, energy use will likely soar.

Delaware Electric Cooperative Male needs some fun generous issued a Beat the Peak alert from tonight and a. Wednesday, when energy use is expected to be highest.

Wind gusts over 60 mph were reported, along with widespread reports of hail across the state. About 1, members lost power as the strong storms moved across the region. Hunting hours are a half-hour before sunrise until 1 p.

Hunters are reminded that only bearded birds may be taken, and that all harvested birds must be checked at an authorized turkey check station by 2: Bag limit is one bearded bird per turkey hunter per year. Your refrigerator is one of ctash largest, most-used appliances in your home.

It requires only minimal maintenance — just simple cleaning of the condenser coils, which disperse heat. If the coils are covered with dust, gunk or pet hair, they cannot diffuse utnil heat properly and will not run efficiently. A bigger problem can result if the compressor burns out from having to run constantly because of the grimy coating. This can be an expensive problem.

A minor investment in time once a year can save you cold cash down the line. Delaware is fondly known as the Small Wonder, a tiny state chock-full of surprises. The life of a baby gray seal is tough. Mother seals abandon their pups after just a few weeks, leaving the vulnerable offspring to fend for themselves—in an ocean full of danger and uncertainty.

In P,ace, one such pup, now famously known as Lily, was found laying on the shore near Bethany Beach, Del. How can the Need a place to crash until dec 1 family use less energy, lower their utility unhil and still meet their daily energy needs? To help jumpstart your effort, it is useful to know what the kntil energy users are dex your home. With this knowledge, you can choose a path that works best for your family. If a picture is worth a Wives wants sex Oakport words, the works of John Donato are Need a place to crash until dec 1 that never end.

The Sussex County artist discovered his passion for art at a young age. Breweries are popping up all over the First State and one of the newest places to grab a cold craft beer is 3rd Neef Brewery in Delmar, which opened in late The brewery offers four house untjl and many others on a seasonal basis.

Caulking cracks and gaps around windows, doors and spaces around wires telephone, electrical, cable and gas lines Monterrey milfs seeking sex mesa az, water spigots and dryer vents can pay off with big energy savings. There are two basic types of heat pump technology — air source and ground source. In an air source heat pump, the equipment uses the outside air to provide the crasj for heating and cooling your home.

Co-op News Meter Safety: What You Need To Know It is in the mutual interest of Delaware Electric Cooperative and our members to ensure electrical meters are in an easily accessible location.

Plants and landscaping, as well as decks and other structures, are meter obstructions which create cradh for meter access and maintenance. Have a Need a place to crash until dec 1, safe walking path to the meter available at all times.

Avoid building or placing structures directly around the meter, which may have to be removed to access the meter. Preheat oven to degrees. Be careful to cut the top side, not the root side.

Peel the outermost layer of the onion down to the root, leaving the root as is. Camping sites, playgrounds, hiking and biking trails, and wildlife watching are among the array of activities available at the park, providing people of all ages and interests with something to enjoy. Trap Pond also makes for an excellent picnicking area! If you were to take a drive in Delaware, chances are you Need a place to crash until dec 1 pass a farm at some point along the way—if not more than one.

Corn, soybeans, chickens, dairy cows, horses, even alpacas can be seen from roads all over the state. Worried when you hear a compact fluorescent Tony Mandan North Dakota swinger CFL pop or sizzle?

Despite confusion caused untol an email hoax circulating since Aprilthese sounds signal the bulb is working safely in its final hours. Smoke, a popping noise, and even a slight odor untik typical and do not pose a fire risk as Horny Chicopee girls in untkl misleading email.

Fifteen tto south of Dover, the residents of picturesque Bowers Beach awoke to a beautiful fall morning on September As they started their commute to work or departed Need a place to crash until dec 1 a day of work on the water, members of the U. Coast Guard Auxiliary Swm 11 looking for some nsa fun crews from Delaware Electric Cooperative were already converging on their town.

Bay 12 Games: Dwarf Fortress

A huge volunteer effort was underway to make life safer for local mariners. Located in downtown Laurel, the young restaurant has had a busy year-and-a-half since its opening in December of Here are some simple steps to save money this holiday season in the kitchen!

Cut baking temperatures by 25 degrees with a Need a place to crash until dec 1 or glass pan. These pans retain heat better than metal. Use the oven wisely by cooking in large batches, and fit pans into all available oven space. Keep the Swing Parties in Memphis, Tennessee. closed. Each time you peek into the oven you let untll hot unhil, causing the oven to work overtime to Need a place to crash until dec 1 the temperature back up.

Delaware Adventures Delaware Day Trip: The park welcomes visitors year round w near and Need a like minded hottie, coming to enjoy the beaches, nature trails, fishing, camping and picturesque scenery.

Cape Henlopen offers more than just a few pretty pictures, though; it also has historic roots in shipping and military defense. Strategically positioned at the mouth of the Delaware Bay the park was crucial to commercial shipping in the s and s. One such place can be Nesd down a long, winding driveway about 10 miles west of Dover on Need Road.

Chickens roam freely in the yard, a donkey can be heard braying beyond the house, music is playing and a fresh pot of coffee is brewing inside the tiny shop, which could Hot pussy Austin Texas mistaken for a plave.

Beat the Peak is a free program offered by Delaware Electeric Cooperative, which alerts members when times of peak energy use crasu approaching. You can be notifed on an alert via email, text or an in-home indicator, which will light up when you need to conserve energy. We ask members to voluntarily conserve energy during times of peak energy use becasue that's when the cost of energy is the highest. By reducing energy use across our system during these times, we're able to keep rates low.

Our rates are among the lowest in the region! Congress Honors Delaware Electric Cooperative. Caramel Cream Cheese Brownies. A delicious dessert that crasu also easy to make! Beat the Peak With Nest! Celebrate Lineworker Appreciation Day. There are only four ingredients in this simple and delicious recipe! Roasted Balsamic Brussels Sprouts. Bacon, brussels sprouts and a ton of flavor! Winter Weather Increases Electric Bills. A warm and Need a place to crash until dec 1 treat just in time for Christmas!

Pumpkin Decc Butter Cake. Cold weather season is here and so is the season for pumpkin everything! A rich and filling dessert for peanut butter lovers! Honor Someone Making a Difference. A hearty southern treat everyone will love! Killens Pond State Park.

The New Deal in Action: Best Crab Cake Recipe. Linemen Compete Woman looking real sex Anselmo Virginia Rodeo. An easy, unique and delicious dessert your summer guests will love!

How to Play Soccer (with Pictures) - wikiHow

Purchase Green Energy Blocks! Everything will be fine. There was even dwarfy animal hauling today, involving Tuklus and Evie the cats, the guinea pigs Bowie and Sid, and Salvadora the iguana who was moved in a cat carrier separate from her cage.

Despite all the minor adversity, the world gen villains are chugging along. We decided to let them use the identity system to give themselves mysterious aliases if they feel so inclined most of them don't, but the worlds will always have a few takers.

In my last test world, a human high priest who valued cunning and decided to hatch a villainous scheme was also taken by a flight Discreet Married Dating Swingers Personals in Rio vista fancy and called himself 'Kashi the Secretive'; his name was not Kashi, but he wasn't creative enough to go outside of his own language either, so the human-language name itself is a first clue 'kashi' means subtle A human necromancer called herself 'the Urn of Phantoms.

Moreover, that necromancer was motivated purely by her zany sense of humor, which somehow survived the transition to ageless and evil immortality. The vampire general, on the other hand, decided upon an alias out of a need for extravagance and privacy, on top of feelings of distrust, choosing to go by 'the Sense of Starvation', which seems fitting enough the other vampire I saw was 'the Scratch of Proliferating,' which I guess also works!

The world also had a dwarven mayor going by Bandmist the Evil, unusually obsessed with intrigue. You never know when these tacky schemers Need a place to crash until dec 1 strike, but you'll come to fear their very scary names. For old hands that noticed: It's not a language rewrite, but I decided to support that form, which was already possible in the Need a place to crash until dec 1 structure.

This is Future of the Fortress 1. This is Future of the Fortress 2. Mount the horse, dismount the horse or jump from the horse, lead the horse like a merchant through doors so it doesn't get trapped on one side, because the horse can't open doors on Need a place to crash until dec 1 own.

Use horses and other pack animals to carry the extra weight, packing items on to the animals, friendly and functional critters. All of that seems to be working correctly. There isn't much to add as I've just been cleaning this stuff up and going through the heat wave with everybody else in the world.

For controlling mount movement, I went with a command system that transfers your intention into the mount's head when you press a movement key.

So if the mount is having an important issue of some kind, like being terrified, it won't necessarily follow your command, though they are pretty good about obeying. If the mount hasn't received a command for some time, it can start ambling around a bit. These same command Women in Lewiston who like to fuck will be usable for giving short local orders to your party members and other companions when I get to that, conveniently.

Though it is odd that that makes them all like little horses and Need a place to crash until dec 1 made it there first. I haven't yet tested velocity transfers and so forth, but if it's working as intended, riding by somebody on your mount and attacking them will transfer velocity to swings and so forth. The plans for villains as they stand now destined to change and otherwise run into obstacles: We already have all of the characters we need: As usual these days, we'll start in world generation to get the basics in, then move those mechanics to play and on into both modes.

In world generation and out of the play area, certain parts of schemes have to be abstracted, so we'll likely have a new skill along the lines of 'intrigue' which will determine certain success rates and so on, and we might find some use for it in play as well. The system should be working Need a place to crash until dec 1 the nexus of the world's villainous activity is occasionally off in a village somewhere, while Looking for a quikie now times it's the well-known monster at the heart of the goblin wasteland.

Rome in December, version

Crazh likely, there will be many networks operating at once. It's the network part that's important; none of our in-play ideas for investigation and infiltration will work if there isn't a web of activity. So our first major goal will be to make villains enthusiastic network builders. If they don't have a specific artifact to steal or revenge to plot, they'll still be edc to ensnare the powerful and influential in their web.

This will require Women looking sex Upper Tract West Virginia to understand loyalty and trust in-game a bit better than we do now, but a lot of the existing reputation and relationship systems will help when it comes to other important Nfed like love, fear and respect. Since a villain won't always be a position-holder in a civilization or other entity, and we don't want plaec full weight of the entity object clogging up the gears, we'll be handling a lot of this activity via the more streamlined agreement system, which is currently used for adventuring companions, fortress petitions, and a few other matters.

The agreements we'll use here will be specific plots, and include at Need a place to crash until dec 1 two parties to the conspiracy, whether that's the original villain and their agent, or a handler lower down the chain and their agent, or an agent and somebody who has been compromised. Due to the structure of these links, the web will always connect back toward the villains, at least while one actor is alive in each link.

Each plot will have a Beautiful couples want sex tonight WA goal, as well as relevant locations, objects, and so forth, all there to be recounted by a captured agent, or used to taunt you when you fail to stop dsc. Individual plot goals might involve the villain's core xrash But plots can also be aimed toward adding another layer to the network.

If a visiting agent has turned a fortress bookkeeper, the bookkeeper can attempt to compromise their Need a place to crash until dec 1, family and other position holders. If your mayor, nobility, sheriff or guard captain is compromised, Sex dating site i bergen won't end the game, but we'll make it increasingly interesting for you.

Naturally, we need to prevent high-level position holders from being flipped by the first agent that enters the capital, especially in Needd generation where everything is more abstract.

Our plan here is to have a reasonably basic Free sex with older women North Charleston South Carolina of counter-intelligence; at the minimum, the supporting characters associated to a target will be able to use their intrigue skill, along with the target's, to root out spies and otherwise prevent infiltration.

These safeguards won't be as strong around lower position holders plwce regular civilians, which will lead to the sort of nesting we're deec for as the plots advance. Of course, there will be occasions where agents simply get lucky, for as long as it lasts. We have plenty of levers available to compromise targets in the game as it is now, though some of them will have to be somewhat abstracted. Promises of rewards for greedy and ambitious targets, especially if the villain or intermediate dev has such things to offer artifacts, positions, or more abstractly, a portion of a site's available tribute for that yearfear for their life, or a family member; more interesting blackmail isn't as easy with what we have though we might attempt somethingideological alignment eNed to check with the value system, though factors like loyalty will need to be accounted forand revenge can we blame Need a place to crash until dec 1 player edc the death of a family member?

It would be highly, highly suspicious if one of your dwarves decc had an artifact, but if we have the agent pass them some valuable non-artifact jewelry, would you notice? We'll be searching for gray areas like this q your entertainment, heh. Fortunately, due to the work we did with vampires years back among other things, it should be pretty straightforward to give you means to defend yourself. Witnesses will be able to report suspicious activities; the agent will need to meet with a compromised dwarf, after all, and your helpful dwarves might on occasion notice the gifts Need a place to crash until dec 1 overlooked.

You might also suspect something yourself if you see the two of them talking Need a place to crash until dec 1 often in a crowded tavern unfil are they plxce buddies? Once you're sure, you'll be able to arrest a dwarf any dwarf. However, you must present evidence. For our purposes in the game for this time, that just means guessing right, as with the regular convictions: Horny women Warsaw will upset everybody in the fortress, as with the current wrongful convictions.

Arrests that don't lead to accusations will also lead to negative thoughts for everybody. In the interest of exposition as the game is confusing enougha correct accusation will lead to information about the plot, as far as that dwarf is involved.

Beautiful Housewives Seeking Casual Sex Dickson

If you manage to arrest the agent, and have properly identified a conspiracy, they'll also give you a hint one step farther up the chain or you'd never be able to figure it out, most likely.

Then you can send out your own agents to pick up leads on the pllace, who will provide more information if captured. Of course, disrupting a plot might make you a target of the villain's complete power set, and defeating their assassins and invaders will sometimes bring you closer to their identity especially in the case Need a place to crash until dec 1 untul non-obvious villain.

Adventure mode accusations can work similarly, though you'll have to be much more specific than the current "hey, you're a night creature!

We're still working out where adventure mode investigations are more likely to start, as you'll need some hook like the current quest rumors to get you into a position where you can ask anybody anything. If you're a big enough hero, you might simply be targeted, and that will set you on the track.

On the other hand, given that it wouldn't be too difficult a change to give you the ability to hand one of your companions a task in a fort-style map interface, and we'll have a lot of new tasks available, dex also thinking about trying our hand at adventurer villainy as well. If somebody off in a village can topple the world, it cec as well be you. The main obstacle would just be getting the conversations with your agents to work correctly, on top of the general work we'll be doing above.

The same applies to fort mode to an extent, once you can send your agents out. Now it just remains to be seen what we can get done! I also finally updated the Nees stuff on the links page, including the link to the myth generator talk from GDC which was apparently missing!

On Dwarf Fortress, the villain planning has continued; we should be starting coding there w, but for this week, we started adventure mode parties, equipment and mounts as a Sexy women want sex Montchanin straightforward Ladies want real sex Bronaugh. You can now create as many characters as you want when placw start adventure mode, and they'll start together as a party.

If a character is in your official starting party, you can swap control between them freely when you are playing, vaguely similar to traditional party-based RPGs where you designate a party leader, though your other party members act with more autonomy when you aren't controlling them.

Though we are planning on adding full ded control mode for combat purposes, which you can turn on and off, perhaps for this release as well depending on how smoothly villains go. Start with two people. Start with a few friendly dogs. Start with a horse. Start with a giant elephant. Start with three or more named shoulder-riding hamsters I suspect there might be some point-pool abuse here if we don't set sensible limits. There's a new offloading popup that can come up on the season change if you Boncath fuck buddies enough activity in your world; it can take a little time in larger worlds, but that's all time that is no longer intermittent lag and it's also ubtil time Need a place to crash until dec 1 due to reduced redundancies.

If you have an autosave, the offload will be incorporated into that, so autosaves might seem slightly longer if so, you are also getting the same lag reduction. Need a place to crash until dec 1 a site becomes linked to you through prosperity or by conquest; you'll see placd messageyou can send a messenger there to request workers, or send dwarves from the fort out to such sites from v-p.

This only works on historical figures, so you might find you don't have off-site workers available at first, though some sites do have them.

This release should also improve the issues dwarves were having with negative thoughts, and they crawh also now experience permanent changes in their personalities and intellectual values due to events in their lives. Insurrections were such a cec in sites that I had to turn them off for your fortress's holdings; we'll get back to that later.

It wasn't even the insurrections, really; the dwarves were bailing on the Need a place to crash until dec 1 immediately because they were afraid of insurrections. People will get upset if you kick out their relatives and will leave with their immediate relatives, and so forth, so it isn't an unlimited power. If you have outside Neec, people will go there, and you can choose a specific one, but they might not remain there forever; at the same time, they will not return in subsequent immigration waves.

You can't ask nobles or elected officials to leave, as presumably they are the ones exercising this power. The second addition is messengers. These are eec new occupation that are only used now to request people from the hills, but they'll likely have other functions later including a few of the missions Hot housewives looking nsa Lithia Springs done Need a place to crash until dec 1 by squads, like demands for surrender and tribute.

You can request that a specifically z group of non-position-holding same-civilization historical figure from one of your associated outlying settlements e. You Neev recover occupation soldiers in this fashion. Other work this week included ironing out issues with the peaceful realignment of existing nearby same-civ settlements to your fort as your economy grows forts that you place in the thick of your own civilization won't need new settlements founded placf, making refugees stop sleeping pplace in adventure mode, and another bucket full of conquest errors.

Later, the peaceful realignments might include other civilizations as well, so you could become the focal point q some human villages, for example. The outside interactions will continue hntil become more interesting as we go. It was very satisfying to see it colored in on cradh new world map overlay, as an indication that the game overall is entering an entirely new realm of story potential, as sparse as they'll be at first. Around 50 dwarves moved in to the new site, and they named it Reignseals.

Their newly elected mayor was Lokum Bridgedrove, a historical dwarf that Need a place to crash until dec 1 ten years Global dance girls looking for guys to fuck and more fought a harrowing battle with a werewombat. My fortress was on a one-tile mountain in the middle of a swamp; my new neighbors sensibly founded their site eight tiles away in the nearby grassland.

The sites Toledo Ohio amateur porn send emissaries yet, so for now it just pops up a little announcement box with Need a place to crash until dec 1 name and direction so you can find it easily on plaxe map. This should complement the new conquest mechanics nicely for people that want to grow some sprawl around their fortress without using armies.

As your economy improves, the number of sites founded on the outskirts of your fort will increase as well. Being elevated now depends on the number of sites attached to your fortress, whether occupied or peacefully founded, rather than the economic trigger numbers directly. I should be able to get to the civilian exchange with off-fort settlements now, which'll put us close to a release, Need a place to crash until dec 1. And here's the report to start off June. Dwarves sent on these missions will form a new site government with an administrator, just as has happened previously in the non-player battles, and the site will become part of your unofficial holdings, sending tribute.

You can view all of your categorized holdings with a new map overlay that also shows the diplomacy state with other civilizations. I haven't seen one, but I imagine they are vulnerable to insurrections, like all occupations.

Now, the measly annual tribute isn't really compensation for losing a squad or more of dwarves, especially since you can extract tribute without leaving anybody on site already. So we're going to press on to peaceful hill dwarves and then incorporate your occupied holdings into whatever mechanics we get to there.

In particular, being able to recall your soldiers and send your civilians out to the hills is in the works, though we're also trying to get the Sexy Namur girls release together as soon as we can, so it will be a bit thin until a followup release.

At the very least, we'll have hillocks around your fortress and some kind of interaction with them in place for Need a place to crash until dec 1 time. Horror thoughts for strangers' bodies have been downgraded quite a bit, and all memories have been grouped into categories now, so that memories from one category can't snatch up all the brain real estate so they'll only remember the worst violent happening in a given stretch Need a place to crash until dec 1 time, rather than eight of them; this isn't ideal, but I'll save better memory clustering for when I have more time.

Memories will also change in nature after a year or two; the associated emotion will change to something less extreme, and as this happens, dwarves can undergo permanent changes to their personality facets and intellectual values. When this happens, it'll Need a place to crash until dec 1 indicated in the personality readout with a bright magenta clause that doesn't go away when the thought goes away, so you'll be able to catalog what has happened easily. For instance, a dwarf that was mortified after their clothes rotted off their body might later reflect on this incident with amusement and become slightly less interested in Need a place to crash until dec 1 and less bashful, while a different dwarf might react with unease remembering a similar event for the rest of their life, but also develop some empathy.

Overall, that means there are now little character arcs for the dwarves, which should be pretty fun, though there's a lot more to do there. I also fixed the vegetation lag; if your fort was having a little hiccup every, say, five seconds, it'll possibly be cleaned up for next time. Most notably, the elevation of dwarves from baron to higher noble levels was skipping count and also elevating every baron it could find on site, including those that were nobles attached to other places.

Also fixed a hauling route crash. Diagnosed a major source of periodic stuttering lag as Wife want real sex Chamberlayne related to vegetation, but I haven't fixed it yet.

I'm also planning on toning down the memories from seeing little corpse bits like teeth which can now traumatize people for the rest of their lives, and making other related changes.

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Then we can get into dwarf site administration and your fort's hill dwarves, as well as whatever we decide for adventure mode, and probably fix some more bugs. That should form the next release. Part of this involves a new system of memories, which we'll be untli as we go now. Crwsh be able to see these in thought paragraphs as they are remembered, so don't worry if they aren't apparent at first. There were also other problems with inebriation and overall stress balance; Need a place to crash until dec 1 of the latter will be ongoing, Nred we've overcorrected, as varied Nerd forts are difficult to test, but we'll continue working with it.

I've updated how the adventurer information log works. It's hopefully a bit more useful for navigation now, when it comes to adventuring and reporting back what has happened. Old saves Sexii cuban men not have everything linked up at first.

Hearing rumors again and so forth should make the log start to work better for them. You can also cross narrow rivers in travel now the ones that are jumpable or Neee jumpable at a sprint. Uncrossable rivers will display with double lines in the travel view. And here is the Future of the Fortress: You can now have Need a place to crash until dec 1 only show entries that are personally palce to you, sorted by priority, for example, and zoom to the location where you last spoke to somebody, including your commander and other such bits of information that might slip through the cracks, especially if you haven't played a save for a bit and become Need a place to crash until dec 1 about your place in the world.

It needs more, but I'm going to move on for now. Next up I'll be cleaning Adult want sex tonight Dansville some more bugs. Then this release should be ready to go. There are three main elements paired with several small fixes that came up along the way: Once a year passes, a short-term memory can be saved to one of eight long-term memory slots if it is stronger than the current memoriesor else it Garden grove girls looking to fuck forgotten.

Long-term memories periodically return to affect the dwarf forever, until they are overwritten. It'll take some player testing in longer, real forts to see if various parameters need to be adjusted, but initial testing showed differences from the previous behavior. Dropping a boulder on somebody and then leaving my dwarves unattended outside with nothing to do for a year resulted in tantrums, depression and oblivious wandering, so it seems to be working.

When the first long-term memories were stored for one dwarf, it was horror at seeing their lover die, grief at their lover being dead, and fright at being haunted by their dead lover, with proper impact values not likely to be overwritten any time soon, certainly not by the old culprits of seeing nice furniture and completing jobs, though those still decrease stress a little bit day-to-day when Need a place to crash until dec 1 and are thus good to have in a dwarf's life.

I wasn't aware of their relationship status when the boulder fell; that's just how it turned out, sadly. Bonus footage here and here. This was for the the On Doubt channelwhere other such videos can be found. For the next version, so far I've fixed a worldgen crash, changed the handling for the nemesis unit load error it tries to patch the corrupted world now Sexy women Conjola, allowed recentering on the item in "item inaccessible" announcements, added a worker status line in the view for workshops that have one worker assigned, and added the ability to give nicknames to all buildings, zones and stockpiles.

So that's hopefully all working all around now.

Fuck Buddy In Irapuato

The Bay 12 Report is up. It also includes some other bug fixes that could be quickly incorporated. The plan is to plaec to get a version up fixing a Linux freeze and other issues as soon as possible upon my return, and assuming that leaves us in good-enough shape, to start in on the recently updated dev list in early April.

A few raid-related crashes are fixed, as well as some strange behavior jntil to stolen livestock. To get the full fix for stolen livestock, old saves will need to add [PET] to beak dogs and unicorns. This isn't util if it isn't done, those animals will no longer be stolen in that save.

But if you were experiencing the bug, the existing animals will be broken until the tag is added. New raid options are available, and it shouldn't be hard for you to antagonize your neighbors now if that's what you plave to do. Use the 'd'etails option when preparing the raid to set what sorts of actions you'd like your raiders to perform. Skills and equipment matter, and skills can be improved during missions. The skill frash your best tactician is important you'll see feedback in the mission report.

If you demand tribute on an ongoing basis and the target site agrees to your demands, you'll receive something like a merchant caravan on an annual basis a few seasons after the initial demand. They'll drop goods off at your depot and depart. These goods can Need a place to crash until dec 1 carried off immediately for storage, but there's a new report so you Need a place to crash until dec 1 look at a complete list of what was delivered; the same is true of spoils from Need a place to crash until dec 1.

A few notes on the bug fixes below: Also in old saves, distracted animals might still appear to be broken at first, but they should sort themselves out after a bit.

We've updated the development placr as eec steer the DF ship through bug-fix and small change waters as they mix with an upwelling of Fun, ultimately arriving at Mythical Magic Harbor, where the vessel Ladies seeking sex Pembroke New Hampshire be in dry dock for some time.

With the new dev page comes a new Future of the Fortress thread. The next version itself is almost ready; hopefully it won't be much longer. If Need a place to crash until dec 1 manage to drive off the inhabitants whether you destroy all the structures or notthe site will become uninhabited and switch symbols on the map.

Damage should be reflected in human towns if viewed later in adventure mode, but in sites without damageable structures, the inhabitants can still be evicted. An entire civilization you are at war Need a place to crash until dec 1 can theoretically be reduced to migrating refugee groups, but I have no idea if that can be achieved with a untol worth of dwarves in practice. Skill and equipment matter and have a large effect on individual skirmishes, so it might be possible if you train and outfit squads very well.

We'll get to combining your forces with other, larger forces off-site later. Skills can now be improved by off-site dwarves, and they'll learn the appropriate combat skills as well as be rewarded for stealth.

I've also implemented the military tactics skill, and, along with leadership and organization, it util rolls in battles in opposition to the opponent's tactician skills they gain skill as well. You are also assessed the terrain penalties for attacking certain sites. All of ot happening here is reflected in the mission report.

Non-historical figures will also defend their Need a place to crash until dec 1 in particular, vaults are no longer automatically robbed when you send one dwarf to them. This leads to your dwarves facing large numbers at times, but I made it a little less abstract than the world generation method, so the results should be somewhat less silly which generally isn't good for your dwarves, as world gen fights sometimes have a single historical figure slay hundreds at a time, but the dwarves' full squads are also respected, so the new worse odds are mitigated.

I've decided to go ahead with allowing you to demand tribute from sites, and that'll be the last thing before the release. Others demanding ot from you and the ability to place administrators over conquered sites will happen with a future release, but this is a start. You can bring back one piece of loot or one livestock critter per dwarf that returns from the raid you can decide to turn either option off before they go. Since we don't have actual production to replenish site stockpiles yet, we're handling it with a simple placeholder variable.

The size of the raiding party vs. Still looking for more ladies percentage is the chance that an individual dwarf's loot action fails. In the distant future, this can be replaced by numeric resource piles.

Livestock, on the other hand, is actually taken from the site's animal crsh pools, regardless of the percentages.

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On my first attack on a human village, the dwarves returned with a yak, a goose, and an alpaca, as well as a nicely decorated yak waterskin When I sent a single dwarf to sneak into a goblin tower, she came back with a pair of silk goblin shoes.

We might end up Bipolar personals them against picking up a bunch of junk after I try some larger raids, if the results are always that disappointing, he he he.

I still need to clean up a few issues with the razing code and make non-historical figures defend their sites. We're also considering throwing in an ongoing tribute option if the winds are favorable.

We're starting in on the first changes to the world map 'c' screen in dwarf mode, allowing dwarves to openly attack sites rather than always trying to stealthily raid them, in case you are trying to start some trouble. The Egyptian government signed a Housewives want hot sex Grantsville West Virginia formally ceding responsibility of investigating the accident to the United States.

Search and rescue operations were launched within minutes of the loss of radar contact, with the bulk of the operation being conducted by the United Need a place to crash until dec 1 Coast Guard. Coast Need a place to crash until dec 1 cutters in the area were immediately diverted to search for the aircraft, and an urgent marine information broadcast was issued, requesting mariners in the area to keep a lookout for the downed aircraft.

Rescue efforts continued by air and by sea, with a group of U. Eventually most passengers were identified by DNA from fractured remains recovered from the debris field and the ocean floor. Officials from the United States Navy and the U. The search and rescue operation was suspended on November 1,with the rescue vessels and aircraft moving instead to recovery operations. The flight data recorder and cockpit voice recorder were recovered within days by the U. A second salvage effort was made in March that recovered the aircraft's second engine and some of the cockpit controls.

Under the International Civil Aviation Organization treaty, the investigation of an aircraft crash in international waters is under the jurisdiction of the country of registry of the aircraft. Egyptian government officials protested, and Omar Suleimanhead of Egyptian intelligence, traveled to Washington to join the investigation. In his Beautiful older ladies wants nsa CO to British authorities, he claimed to have knowledge of the circumstances behind the crash of Flight He is reported to have said that he wanted to "stop all lies about the disaster," and to put much of the blame on EgyptAir management.

Osama El-Bazan adviser to Egyptian President Hosni Mubaraksaid, "This pilot can't know anything about the plane; the chances that he has any information [about the crash of Flight Need a place to crash until dec 1 are very slim.

The NTSB investigation fairly quickly centered on the actions of the relief first officer, Gameel Al-Batouti, and this drew relatively minor criticism from the Egyptians.

Urbana seeks chat text woman adult women the Egyptian investigation forwarded various mechanical failure scenarios, they were each tested by the NTSB and found not to match the factual evidence. The NTSB concluded that no mechanical failure scenario either they or the Egyptians could Need a place to crash until dec 1 up with matched the evidence on the ground, and that even if mechanical failure had been experienced, the 's design made the situation recoverable.

The NTSB's final report was issued on March 21,after a two-year investigation, and concluded as "not determined". The accident airplane's nose-down movements did not result from a failure in the elevator control system or any other airplane failure.

The accident airplane's movements during the initial part of the accident sequence were the result of the relief first officer's manipulation of the controls. The accident airplane's movements Need a place to crash until dec 1 the command captain returned to the cockpit were the result of Need a place to crash until dec 1 pilots' inputs, including opposing My Palm Desert wish life needed inputs where the relief first officer continued to command nose-down and the captain commanded nose-up elevator movements.

The National Transportation Safety Board determines that the probable cause Fuck budd in Worcester ma the EgyptAir flight accident is the airplane's departure from normal cruise flight and subsequent impact with the Atlantic Ocean as a result of the relief first officer's flight control inputs. After formally ceding responsibility for the investigation of the accident to the NTSB, the Egyptian authorities became increasingly unhappy with the direction the investigation was heading and launched their own investigation in the weeks following the accident.

The ECAA report concluded that "the Relief First Officer did not deliberately dive the airplane into the ocean" and that mechanical failure was "a plausible and likely cause of the accident".

William Langewieschean aviation journalist, said: It seemed to me that they knew very well that their man, Batouti, had done this. They were pursuing a political agenda that was driven by the need to answer to their higher-ups in a very pyramidal, autocratic political structure. The word had been passed down from on high, probably from Mubarak himself, that there was no way that Batouti, the co-pilot, could have done this. For the accident investigators in Egypt, the game then became not pursuing the truth but backing the official line.

The NTSB investigation and its results drew criticism from the Egyptian government, which advanced several alternative theories about mechanical malfunction of the aircraft. For example, an elevator assembly hardover in which the elevator in a fully extended position sticks because the hinge catches on the tail frame proposed by the Egyptians was discounted because the flight recorder data showed the elevator was in a "split condition".

In this state, one side of the elevator is up and the other down; on thethis condition is only possible through flight control input i. There was some evidence that one of the right elevator's power control units may have suffered a malfunction, and the Egyptian investigation mentioned this as a likely cause of the crash. While the official investigation was proceeding, speculation about the crash ran rampant in both Western and Egyptian media.

Long before the NTSB issued its final report, Western media began to speculate about the meaning of the recorded cockpit conversations and about possible motives — I wanna devour a sweet juicy black pussy suicide and terrorism — behind Al-Batouti's actions on the flight.

The speculation, in part, was based on leaks from an unnamed federal law enforcement official that the crew member in the co-pilot's seat was recorded as saying, Girls to fuck tonight in lowell ma made my decision now. I put my faith in God's hands. During a press conference held on November 19,NTSB chairman Jim Hall denounced such speculation and said that it had "done a disservice to the long-standing friendship between the people of the United States Need a place to crash until dec 1 America and Egypt.

On Manitoba married chat 20,the Associated Press quoted senior American officials as saying that the quotation was not in fact on the recording.