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Lonely guy looking for someone to Providence

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Me: Tall, brown hair, blue sweater. Now be the wonderful, sexy, smart, gorgeous female you are and never think about me again.

Name: Lexy
Age: 50
City: San Francisco, CA
Hair: Brunette
Relation Type: Looking 4 A Real Relationship
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Someone found it in our big white cock thread that was deleted. Does anyone have the link? It was an amateur video with this straight guy who gets really uncomfortable when the director puts his hand on his cock. It's real and it's hot. Never saw anything like it.

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I wonder if the guy when home and loking in the shower for 20 hours washing away the shame. I felt so bad for the guy. He truly thought he was going to be a straight porn actor. I hope he didn't turn around and kill himself. I hope he never sees the video online.

What year was this filmed? He was so into the gug of it, making sure no one ever found out. Too bad he didn't know the internet was coming. And really - as if the 'straight' guy minded, especially when there were a lot who came to his apartment to test out for 'straight' porn.

You'd have to be pretty dumb to fall for a set up like that.

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The producer is "Vinny Russo" whose vids are sold as "Sneek Peeks" online. I think they were mostly shot in the early s, based around Providence, RI. Most of his models were lookimg hustlers, and they all claim to be straight straight straight, at least until Vinny gets them on all fours and plows them while they watch pussy porn. The really unusual thing about the series is that Vinny is hotter than any of his models.

How often do you see THAT?

I'm at work and can't watch the video, but I was guessing it was good ol' Vinnie. He had some hotties back in the day.

Lonely guy looking for someone to Providence I Am Wants For A Man

Is this the Providencee of the naive straight guy who shoots Blonde bbw looking for international love enormous load as Vinnie sucks him off? Doesn't the guy walk around like "what the fuck have I done? This guy is a Lonely guy looking for someone to Providence actor, but he's gay.

He can't even get himself hard watching that gross straight porn, but the minute the guy starts touching his rod, it stiffens almost immediately. Honey, most guys don't go to places to jerk off on cam for all the world to see. If he was gay, why would they put Providende straight pron?

You don't see the pron. He's not getting hard no matter what he's watching. Ever notice how they tear down successful, out gay male celebrities on Llnely Two sides of the same coin.

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The bitter, old, lonely hags who post here are the same ones who have spent a lifetime chasing "straight" guys.

Vinnie left Rhode Island and moved to LA. I'm not gu if lookinng was run out of town like Dink Flamingo or not. He's still making videos, Lonely guy looking for someone to Providence think, but they're not as good as his early oeuvres. Did the guy say he was marrried? Vinnie's not so bad himself. Wife want hot sex Pequannock Township he's stopped making videos he can asked if the guys were acting or not.

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Is he the guy that John Waters wrote about in his book. I think it was an older guy from way back that used to do this shit with marines back in the 90s or something.

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It's a very sad story. He's like homeless now. I think he knew just what he was doing. It's all an elaborate game.

The cocksucker has done this before Providene gotta humor these closet cases. He puts his mouth on his dick and in about 2 min.

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Somwone clue is why is this video still out there? Is the guy out and proud now, and couldn't care less? I've seen those videos. Street hustlers who need money will do nearly anything.

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How disgusting for Vinnie to take advantage of those needy guys. Yes, I said take advantage. Vinnie is a predator. No 21, that was some Mexican guy with no business sense. Don't think llooking homeless but he sure ain't rich. That's a pretty hot site.

This guy has an amazing cock and beautiful puffy nips.

R23, you idiot, the guy thought he was auditioning for straight porn. Vinnie convinced him that that's what needed to be done. And the video is out there because people who originally had the VHS tapes and now can download them off the Str8BoyzSeduced site gor uploading it.

I don't think this guy has any say in the matter. Once something is up on the internet it Lonely guy looking for someone to Providence be erased. That video is on a page with 20 just like it. Same format, same bottom line. You are one naive sissy, girl.

Brotherhood (U.S. TV series) - Wikipedia

These guys are about as straight as The Wall of China. I notice that most guys on here don't support gay directors, writers or actors. It makes me wonder why. R38] [R40] I don't Providfnce feminine men, but have been with a few. But trying to turn a straight guy gay is not something I want to do or even believe in. For me, my interest in straight Rich women need single men has nothing to do with self loathing at all.

I love gay men, I love being gay, I love sex with all different kinds of men. It comes down two things for me. One is the chase. It Lonely guy looking for someone to Providence into a man's basic need to hunt. The harder the prey to catch, the higher the reward.

Straight men, because they are the most unattainable men to have sex with, ugy a turn on because they become the ultimate prize. And two, they don't expect much from you.

Brotherhood is an American crime drama television series created by Blake Masters about the intertwining lives of the Irish-American Caffee brothers from Providence, Rhode Island: Tommy (Jason Clarke) is a local politician and Michael (Jason Isaacs) is a gangster involved with New England's Irish show also features their mother Rose (Fionnula Flanagan), cousin Colin Carr (Brían F. O. Dec 17,  · Someone found it in our big white cock thread that was deleted. Does anyone have the link? It was an amateur video with this straight guy who gets really uncomfortable when the director puts his hand on his cock. I am a real man looking for a real woman. A woman AS FUCK BUDDY. Someone in shape who takes care of themselves. I want a woman who likes sex, does not have any issues or drama.

The gay male equivalent to some attractive straight guy usually knows his value and would never deign to talk to someone beneath his looks and appearance.

You could be a 50 yo fatty with bad breath and still pull the hot horny husband across the way just looking Lonely guy looking for someone to Providence a blowjob. I'm no 50 to fatty, but I've definitely blown my share of sexy young "straight identifying" studs just because I was willing and available.

LEE CHILD is a #1 bestselling author worldwide. His debut novel, Killing Floor, won two awards for best first mystery and was nominated for two www.tiyatrolakademi.comn rights in the Jack Reacher series have been sold in ninety-five countries. The movie franchise stars Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher. Women looking for Men in Baltimore on OneBackPage, Hi Im 24 yrs alone young sexy girl looking for playmate or possibly more just bored with my situation hoping to meet someone who can bring back that spark..I once had and fuck me hard. Dec 17,  · Someone found it in our big white cock thread that was deleted. Does anyone have the link? It was an amateur video with this straight guy who gets really uncomfortable when the director puts his hand on his cock.

Where as the same guy, if he were gay, would never even look my way. I'd never seen any of the Vinnie videos before now. Very hot and I don't care if they are not straight. Vinnie is also more pleasing to watch than that creepy Brandon Marley.

I didn't find that hot at all I felt really bad for the straight guy.

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Gay dude brought him up to a slow boil, promised the encounter would remain discreet and then uploaded that shit to the internet where hundreds of thousands of people have viewed it. Lonely guy looking for someone to Providence internet was already here. It's hard to script that kind of spontaneity of conversation. And his dead-serious expression after that indicates he's debating whether to stand up and leave, or just enjoy the mojob.

R50 you realize that he has to signoff on a models release before the video can be distributed don't you? He also has to provide them with a ID for a for legal purposes. Silly goose at R51, most of these guys think they are auditioning to be in str8 porn.

Vinnie has them sign the release well before he even starts taping. They probably think it's for future work, not the "audition" they are being filmed for now. That is how you get the release. You make it part of the initial off-camera interview.