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Looking to offer a no cost, nothing expected massage to a woman in need. Wake and bake m4w picked up some good stuff the other day anyone wanna wake and bake and maybe get a little grabby ;) like early mornig 8 ish cus i hav clboobies at 10send a pic if u wanna be taken seriousif u can roll a dutch I don't want to send out immediately ask for Housewives looking casual sex Sycamore Alabama right away.

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I would say I'm a 10 plus I am 39 and holding years old and always impeccably dressed and groomed. I'm a very petite, glamorous woman and I am very fastidious in the way I appear.

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I am five foot one with beautiful waist length platinum blonde hair. I watch my weight and exercise daily, maintaining weight at 89 lbs. I have had liposuction on my waist and hips, and inner thighs, A true beauty Syamore diet to the extreme — I would never allow myself to weigh more than 93lbs.

I now have a inch waist, and inch hips. I truly love my implants, my breasts are so perfect.

I love to show them off by wearing cleavage baring tops. My morning regime is 3 hours long, bathing, moisturizing my entire body, styling my long hair, applying elaborate makeup to my beautiful face, perfume to all my pulse points, selecting matching lingerie thong brasserie, garter, hose that will compliment today's outfit and matching accessories stiletto heel sandals of at least 4 Housewives looking casual sex Sycamore Alabama in height purse, scarf, coat, full jewelry-my hands and long nails are usually utterly DRENCHED in expensive diamond cocktail rings It would be absolutely unthinkable for me to be seen in public with Wives seeking hot sex Clearwater polish on my toes, or my long fingernails.

I am totally committed to wearing extremely, tall sensual, stiletto-heeled shoes. I love the unabashed glamour of being held gently aloft atop a pair of extremely tall, impossibly Housewives looking casual sex Sycamore Alabama stiletto heels.

I always wear high heels when I'm in public. I absolutely refuse to place anything less than a 4 -inch stiletto heel on my peds. A heel less than 4 inches simply is way too casual for me; and does not fully showcase my sexy little feet.

I am simply too vain to comprimise my appearance by wearing Looking to talk with anyone less than a 4 inch stiletto -there simply is no such thing Houewives a heel that is too tall and slender to place on my completely pampered little peds!

To assist in maintaining my appearance,I have a standing casua to have a pedicure, manicure, hair styling, facial Houssewives a long luxurious foot massage on tuesday and thursday mornings. Housewives looking casual sex Sycamore Alabama saturdays, I generally spend the entire afternoon at the spa, and have a full body massage, bikini wax i must appear perfect Housewives looking casual sex Sycamore Alabama this area for my lover my body professionally moisturized and perfumed,my hair died, professional makeup application, in addition to my regular regime.

Most men just cannot imagine the time and effort it takes to maintain ones beauty. I'm very vain about my appearance and love all the sincere compliments I receive for my beautiful appearance.

I truly love and am so very deserving of all the wonderful Housewives looking casual sex Sycamore Alabama men pay to lokking. Elephant From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: They were once classified along with other Dickson chat online Housewives looking casual sex Sycamore Alabama animals in a now invalid order, Pachydermata.

There are three living species: Other species have become extinct since the last ice age, which ended about 10, years ago, the Mammoth being the most well-known of Housewives looking casual sex Sycamore Alabama. At birth it is common for Housewives looking casual sex Sycamore Alabama elephant calf to weigh kilograms lb. An elephant may live as long as 70 years, sometimes longer. The largest elephant ever recorded was shot in Angola in This male weighed about 12, kg 26, lb ,[3] with a shoulder height of 4.

Aristotle once said the elephant was "the beast which passeth all others in wit and mind. Once numbering in the millions, the African elephant population has dwindled to betweenandindividuals. Elephants generally have no natural predators, although lions may take calves and occasionally adults. Species The African Elephant genus contains two or, arguably, three living species; whereas, the Asian Elephant species is the only surviving member of its genus, but can be subdivided into three subspecies.

African elephants, at up to 4 m 13 ft 1 in tall and weighing kg 8. Both male and female African elephants have long tusks, while their Asian counterparts Housewives looking casual sex Sycamore Alabama shorter ones, with those of females vanishingly small. African elephants have a dipped back, smooth forehead and two "fingers" at the tip of their trunks, whereas the Asian have an arched back, two humps on the forehead and only one "finger" at the tip of their trunks.

African elephants are further subdivided into two populations, the Savanna and Forest, and recent genetic studies have led to a reclassification of these as separate species, the forest population now being called Loxodonta cyclotis, and the Savanna or Bush population termed Loxodonta africana.

This reclassification has important implications for conservation, because it means that Syvamore previously it Housewivex assumed that a single and endangered species comprised two small populations, if in reality these are two separate species, then as a consequence, both could be more gravely endangered than a more numerous and wide-ranging single species might have been.

There is also a potential danger in that, if the forest elephant is not explicitly listed Houseeives an endangered species, poachers and smugglers might be able to evade the law forbidding trade in endangered animals and their body parts. The Forest elephant and the Savanna elephant can hybridise — that is, breed together — successfully, though their preferences for different terrains reduce such opportunities.

Housewives looking casual sex Round Arizona the African elephant has only recently been recognized to comprise two separate species, groups of captive elephants have not been comprehensively classified and some could well be hybrids.

Successful hybridisation between African and Asian Elephant species is much Housewivfs unlikely, as is animal hybridization across different genera in general.

Suppose You Stand On A Spring Scale In An Elevator In Six Different Situations As Listed

Inhowever, at Chester Zoo, an Asian elephant cow gave birth to a hybrid calf sired by an African elephant bull the old terms are used here as these events pre-date the current classifications. His wrinkled trunk was like that of an African elephant. His forehead was sloping with one dome and two smaller domes behind it.

The body Housewives looking casual sex Sycamore Alabama African Sycmore type, but had an Asian-type centre hump and an African-type rear hump.

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The calf died of infection 12 days later. There are unconfirmed lookng of three other hybrid elephants born in zoos or circuses; all are said to have been deformed and none survived. African Elephant Main articles: African bush savanna elephant in Mikumi National Park, Tanzania.

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The Elephants of the genus Loxodonta, known collectively as African elephants, are currently found in Housewives looking casual sex Sycamore Alabama countries in Africa. African elephants are distinguished from Asian elephants in several ways, the most noticeable being their ears.

Africans' Alabam are much larger and are shaped like the continent of their origin. The African is typically larger than the Alabamq and has a concave back. Both African males and females have external tusks and are usually casusl hairy than their Asian cousins. Sycaamore elephants have traditionally been classified as a single species comprising two distinct subspecies, namely the savanna elephant Loxodonta africana africana and the forest elephant Loxodonta africana cyclotisbut recent DNA analysis suggests that these may actually constitute distinct species.

In fact, it is the largest land animal in the world, standing Fuck hot girl in St Francis United States to 4 m 13 ft at the shoulder and weighing approximately 7, kg 7.

The average male stands about 3 m 10 ft tall at the shoulder and weighs about — kg 6. Most often, Savanna Elephants are found in open grasslands, marshes, and lakeshores. They range over much of the savanna zone south of the Sahara. The other postulated Housewives looking casual sex Sycamore Alabama is the Forest Elephant Loxodonta cyclotis.

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Compared with the Savanna Elephant, its ears are usually smaller and rounder, and its tusks thinner and straighter and not directed outwards as much.

The Forest Elephant can weigh up to 4, kg 10, lb and stand about 3 m 10 ft tall. Much less is known about these animals than their savanna cousins because environmental and political obstacles make them difficult sec study.

Normally, they inhabit the dense African rain forests of central and western Africa, though occasionally they roam the edges of forests and so overlap the territories Housewives looking casual sex Sycamore Alabama the Savanna elephants and breed with them. InIain Douglas-Hamilton estimated the Housewives looking casual sex Sycamore Alabama population of African elephants at around 1.

Through the s, Loxodonta received worldwide attention due to the dwindling numbers of major populations in East Africa, largely as a result of poaching.

Although this estimate only covers about half of the total elephant range, experts do not believe the true figure to be much higher, as it Housewives looking casual sex Sycamore Alabama unlikely that large populations remain to be discovered.

According to a recent analysis by IUCN experts, most major populations in Eastern and Southern Africa are stable or have been steadily increasing since the mids, at an average rate of 4. Asian Elephant An Asian elephant swimming. The Asian elephant is smaller than the African. It has smaller ears, and typically, only the males have large external tusks.

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Nuno Carvalho de Sousa Private Collections - Lisbon The Tired of your wife and boring sex population of Asian elephants — also called Indian Elephants or Elephas maximus — is estimated to be around 60, about a tenth of the number of African elephants. More precisely, it is estimated that there are between 38, and 53, wild elephants and between 14, and 15, domesticated elephants in Asia with perhaps another 1, scattered around zoos in the rest of the world.

There are Syxamore subspecies of Elephas maximus and some have been identified only using molecular markers. The first found subspecies is the Sri Lankan Elephant Elephas maximus maximus.

Found only on the Housewives looking casual sex Sycamore Alabama of Sri Lanka, it is the largest of the Asians.

There are only an estimated 3,—4, members of this subspecies left today in the wild, although no accurate census has been carried out in the recent past. Large Sycwmore can weigh upward to 5, kg 12, lb and stand over 3. Sri Lankan males have very large cranial bulges, and both sexes have more areas of depigmentation than are found in the other Asians.

Typically, their ears, face, trunk, and belly have large concentrations of sez skin. There is Housewivee orphanage for elephants in Pinnawala Sri Housewives looking casual sex Sycamore Alabama, which gives shelter to disabled, injured elephants.

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This program plays a large role in protecting the Sri Lankan Elephant from extinction. Numbering approximately 36, these elephants are lighter grey in colour, with depigmentation only on the ears and trunk. Large males will Housewives looking casual sex Sycamore Alabama weigh only about 5, kg 11, Casual Dating Williams Arizona 86046 but are as tall as the Sri Lankan.

The mainland Asian can be found in 11 Asian countries, from India to Indonesia. They prefer forested areas and transitional zones, between forests and grasslands, where greater food variety is available.

The smallest of all the elephants is the Sumatran Elephant Elephas maximus sumatranus. Population estimates for this group range from 2, to 3, individuals. It is very light grey and has less depigmentation than the other Asians, with pink spots only on the ears.

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Mature Sumatrans will usually only measure 1. An enormous Inwood, Manitoba married and looking for sex nonetheless, it is considerably smaller than its other Asian and African cousins and exists only on the island Housewives looking casual sex Sycamore Alabama Sumatra, usually in forested regions and partially wooded habitats.

In a further subspecies was identified on Borneo. Named the Borneo pygmy elephant, it is smaller and tamer than other Asian elephants. It also has relatively larger ears, longer tail and straighter tusks. Body characteristics Trunk The proboscis, or trunk, is a fusion of the nose and upper lip, elongated and specialized to become the elephant's most important and versatile appendage.

African elephants are equipped with two fingerlike projections at the tip of their trunk, while Asians have only one. According to biologists, the elephant's trunk may have over forty thousand individual muscles in it,[24] making it sensitive Housewives looking casual sex Sycamore Alabama to pick up a single blade of grass, yet strong enough to rip the branches off a tree. Some sources indicate that the correct number of muscles in an elephant's trunk is closer to one hundred thousand.