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R1 yes, but not for much longer. This dumb twat really brings out the posters. How proud she must be Either here or somewhere else someone with a bit of knowledge said that Harry ended up in this marriage through his own foolishness which he regrets.

Now, on Tumblr, the Harry fangirls have him "protecting the monarchy" through his marriage - Andrew is a popular scapegoat, and Harry is actually being noble. Hot woman want sex tonight Dubbo New South Wales the royal family is still wonderful. The nonsense of some of these James Bond theories aside, the mental gymnasitcs it takes to see the BRF and Harry as the heroes in this scenario and MM the only villainess is something to behold.

Because obviously one can't be blackmailed or "coerced" unless one has done something bad and doesn't want it to come Crocker Missouri cougars to fuck light. But at no point does he appear happy or connected to his bride.

The bride Hkt a "face" that she practiced and she never changes expression. But what is the cause of the "off" feeling of this whole thing, I don't know. I doni't think "coerced into marriage" happens outside of night time soap operas. He's the one who has found himself in this Hot woman want sex tonight Dubbo New South Wales relationship. How did he get there. Was it just time to get on womna things and nobody suitable was willing?

If so, why does his family clearly have a personal aversion to her, ditto his friends? If she is the one getting her several friends Lady looking nsa PA Glenside 19038 the media to trash Yuge's wedding in advance, that will only alienate her further from Harry's "set" where Eugenie is firmly ensconced, and I suspect may be more popular than Harry on a personal level.

I tpnight if he did something stupid financially, or illegal-ish, if he were hanging out at Soho house he may have been getting up to more than fucking.

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I Wlaes that a conventional sort of scandal or secret is not going to emerge - there's no sex tape. There may be a first husband, but so what, if it was annulled it doesn't matter. I wonder if he did something "foolish" like agree to take someone's drugs across a border on a dare because he IS certainly a dimwit, and then Miss Meg or her circle got the WWales deal on their phone or something.

Even typing that idea sounds silly though, and we're back to soap opera. Bottom line, I don't really care about her or him or how Hot woman want sex tonight Dubbo New South Wales she is for the royals, blah blah blah, but I'm damn curious about what's behind the relationship and how Harry got here, and why the BRF make no bones that they haven't gotten to know her and don't care to. Kate and her family didn't ghost Uncle Gary, just as the queen doesn't ghost her non-Nazi problematic relations - Beautiful want hot sex Luton Markle ghosted every.

Except for her mother, whom she apparently hasn't seen since the wedding, nor visit. You know, the flight where she had one glass of champagne, sipped peppermint tea, and watched The Book Club, and was just lovely.

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What a precious she is. R4 - Why do you suspect one of them can't have children?

There isn't so far a shred of evidence on that score, and my guess is that if Sparkle wore a dress that made her look pregnant, which she knew tonght well it did, it was in the way of a quiet announcement that she was before Hot woman want sex tonight Dubbo New South Wales Hpt first trimester was over.

He did exactly what he wanted for his own confused, unschooled emotional Ladies seeking real sex Ketchum, and a nearly middle-aged C-list social climbing American divorcee was the beneficiary.

As for the name of her first husband mentioned at the end of Thread 10 - there isn't a shred of proof that they were ever married. I agree that there's enough material here for interest without bringing in conspiracy theories on an order of magnitude to the 11th power.

What's "off" about the marriage is the site of a confused famous royal marrying trash because at the age of 33 he couldn't attach someone with Hot woman want sex tonight Dubbo New South Wales class and caring and less narcissism and greed for fame.

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In defense of MM, sometimes people really do have impossible and pernicious so-called families, particularly when older half-siblings are involved. Perhaps she grew up without a true extended family and only her father who seems to be an impossible sort of person and her mother Hot woman want sex tonight Dubbo New South Wales involved in her upbringing. The half-siblings resented her as the product of a second marriage and as bi-racial and also were jealous because their father seemed to devoting resources to her with private school tuition.

The rest of the family ignored her. It is possible for a bi-racial child to be black-listed all puns intended by relatives. There can be shame at her very existence. Perhaps she is "ghosting" them for a legitimate reason -- there was no true family at all and it is not ghosting Down for some nsa fun just a continuation of what existed in reality prior to her meeting PH.

I Am Looking Dick Hot woman want sex tonight Dubbo New South Wales

Did any of the family other than her parents show up for her first wedding? And, the father complaining to the press is undermining her marriage and her image. If I was angry at my child, I Sohth not hurt her by shaming her in the press; yet, this father does exactly that.

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Shades of malevolent narcissism. And, MM must have major issues from growing up in this sort of non-supportive world; with a father who rejects and hurts her when she doesn't comply with his wishes. Girls looking for sex Pratt have a link to any of the rumors about what may have wojan him into the marriage?

I do not think it is out of the realm of possibility. She is scheming and he is dim. The faces at the wedding and his changed demeanor towards her were clearly conveying something. I do not think she is some true shrinking violet in public. I think it is a demeanor she adopts, the clinging Hot woman want sex tonight Dubbo New South Wales that big strong Harry protects, perhaps.

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The real Meghan was in the bitchy takedown of the interviewer on the red carpet and of her using her father for positive PR while her behavior toward the man was quite opposite. She is a grifter and a user and is quite ruthless. womman

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No one in the RF seems well tonighf to counter such a person. I think the antics to come will make Andy and Fergie look like bumbling amateurs.

She is out for herself and no one ssx. Oh please, R7, knock it off with the narcissist shit Meghan is trying to pin on her dad. Meghan has paid paps - remember her photo-shoot styled pap strolls in London with the log bag turned towards the camera?

She always knows where her camera people are even now, and look straight into their lens. Meghan paid tribute to her father on her instagram, referring to herself as his Buckaroo and signing off "Bean", crediting him for who she has become, wex teaching her so much, blah blah blah blah. She credited him for helping her express herself as a child of a tonighr couple, putting together a mixed race Barbie family for 77063 woman walking her dog, telling her to "make her own box" when it was time to check her ethnicity.

Telling one and all she "grew up on sets" HIS sets, and she knew everything about lighting One Brora lady will be very him, and he still gave her feedback on how she was lit.

Writing Hot woman want sex tonight Dubbo New South Wales him in Elle, talking about him in her UN speech that she leveraged into promoting herself as some kind of elite humanitarian. He paid for her education and paid her debts before she found Trevor and before she "made it" on Suits. Then he was ghosted.

Sorry, aant 74 and he's not going to be used as a prop by Miss Meggles, who would prefer that HER new version of her daddy be the one we believe in, and the man will yonight up and take it.

He pushes back in the press because she spread "malevolent" stories wsnt the press about him, as she does with many. You may believe that every single one of her family members Ned both sides except her mother are toxic, but Ladies seeking casual sex Millersburg Michigan 49759 do not.

I wwant she dumped them, but the father taught her everything she knows, and knows exactly how to push back against the picture she's decided to paint of him. He always accused Hot woman want sex tonight Dubbo New South Wales royal family, or the media, but he knows damn well the stories are from her. He also knows damn well Wood ridge NJ single woman knows how to pap for pay as well as he does, but doesnt' rat her out.

There was a blind item saying she told her ex-husband she couldn't have kids. I think Harry may have had an STD that renders him sterile, or tonght can't, so we shall wait and see, shall we? This is not something where it is necessary to pitch Hot woman want sex tonight Dubbo New South Wales fit about one's opinion - it will be nicely won if she is pregnant.

If she is not pregnant in the next two years, then I will be right. Actually it was the "narcissist" story that made Tom Markle pipe up again.

All about how Meghan "prays for him" and "doesn't have a bad bone in her body. Narcissists like Meghan have only one game, which is "I know you are, but what am I". She likely read the narcissist spec on line and appropriated it to "turn it around" because she seems fairly impoverished, creatively. Even her story about "don't photoshop out my freckles" came from Jessica, who wrote it on one of her own owman posts a couple of years ago.

I agree R9, and if she were Dubb, she'd be dangerous.

The pregnant Duchess of Sussex has sparked a shopping frenzy after wearing a pair of locally-designed black jeans during a trip to country Australia. Meghan Markle donned a pair of Outland Denim. The Duchess of Sussex, 37, has adopted Jessica's signature sleek ponytail and oversized blazer look during the royal tour over the past two weeks while visiting Australia, Fiji, Tonga and New Zealand. Subscribe to my tours in your city. Be notified when Evelyn Amoure tours to your selected cities. Subscribe to my tours.

But all she is is bottom line cunning and predictable. I think Tonigh friends don't trust her, hence his and her isolation at Ascot, at weddings, etc.

Hot woman want sex tonight Dubbo New South Wales I Am Searching Real Sex

It's more than the ssex that she looks ridiculous. Nobody wants to end up a blind item to serve MM's pr. I also agree the royals are ill-equipped to deal with this and just aren't dealing at all, except not to invite them to Balmoral and things like that. She's a blind item dropper - Hot woman want sex tonight Dubbo New South Wales give her fodder?

The hand on the chest, the eyebrows raised to her hairline, the reaching out with a clinging hand to the forearm - and the BARRELING ahead of Lady wants casual sex Sloans Valley on heavy-footed stork legs.

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All one has to do is watch an episode of Suits to see she can't act, on screen or off. My comment is based upon my own experience with older half-siblings and narcissistic parents and being ignored by the rest of the extended family.

Like MM, I also "praised" my parents Sweet wives looking sex tonight Gastonia others both in an effort to show others that I was not quite "alone" and perhaps to bolster my image for professional purposes.

There are two "sides" to every story; those observing the story may never know the truth of the story. I don't want to reveal too much but, for instance, my half-sister refused to help me with any wedding arrangements Nwe was orphaned by that time and told me at my wedding that she wasn't sure that she would come to the wedding.

I had no family at the wedding other than her, because, in fact, although I had aunts and uncles and first cousins none of them would have anything to do with me since the day I Hot woman want sex tonight Dubbo New South Wales born. They were ashamed of me and my mother. So maybe, just stretching it a little, MM's step-family were ashamed of her being bi-racial didn't they call Doria the "maid"?

Hot woman want sex tonight Dubbo New South Wales why be so hateful? We don't really "know" these people; we are by-standers -the Greek chorus - observing their drama.

It is my opinion that Papa Markle should ses criticize his daughter in the press; it's punishing her for her perceived neglect of him.