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People are focusing only on the big name in all of this. The thing is, there were others killed first in this spree. Oh, and they were all killings.

There was no suicide. The claim of suicide was made by relatives to try and ensure their own safety. No one actually believes there was a suicide. Was it arranged by the mogul? It isn't like he hasn't protected child molesters before. It isn't like he hasn't protected billionaire Floria traffickers before.

It isn't his first time being involved in deaths to cover up secrets or to do a favor. I think this was more revenge than anything else. You don't run through the list of victims that were in hiding, all helped by the "suicide" victim and Mexican man wanted kill them hkusewives. Each killing Hot housewives want real sex Tampa Florida accompanied with a message to the "suicide" victim.

They were coming for her. She knew they were coming for her.

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She reached out to people to spread the word they were murdering those closest to her. She knew they would come for her family unless she gave up herself to them first. Flroida know the term suicide by cop? This was pretty similar.

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Show yourself and get yourself killed or the family goes and then they will come and find you anyway after. Guess who the yacht is registered to? Yeah, the same name he uses Hot housewives want real sex Tampa Florida all the yachts he bought with this internet tycoon several years ago. Tama one he has not bought out, but he is still co-owner. Posted by ent lawyer at Geffen and Cher dated in the 70s, and she ran to him for help on a number of occasions.

Sounds like it might be Kate Spade can't really think waht any other female suicides recently.

Not certain, but didn't someone that ratted out that Brazilian baby machine guy commit suicide recently? Oprah sang his praises.

She was one of the celebs who called out John of God who was running an illegal adoption practice in Brazil. He would force the girls to breed and then murder them after 10 years and sell the babies to rich foreigners in adoptions. He was Hot housewives want real sex Tampa Florida by Oprah for being a new age healer, and a bunch of celebs went to him.

She has commited suicide 2 days ago. She was hiring in Spain. I'm hungry might have it.

Sabrina Bittencourt was the woman who exposed the "healer" with ties to Oprah as a sex slave leader. She committed suicide recently. Her eldest son Gabriel Baum confirmed her death, writing on Facebook: They killed my mother.

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They launched their killing spree from a yacht moored in Vilanova Rral Marina. But but this is all right wing conspiracies! And Russian trolls making this up!

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I truly hope and pray they do. I'm really looking forward to what plot and Angela the Hot housewives want real sex Tampa Florida has to say. Can we have a Gay Mafia Free March? I'm back a week and these repetitive blinds are boring the hell outta me. I thought Geffen co-owned yachts with creepy Larry Ellison who now has a huge private Hawaiian island. I think that was Louis C. Remember, Gef previously protectd oprah from being outed for her Floeida school for girls Hate to be such a conspiracy theorist but I Believe.

JFC is Oprah the worst judge of character, reak what? Oz, Akron discreet sex that guy who plagerized his addiction memoir on us as if they're oracles.

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He will get all those pedo perverts! Oprah isn't a bad judge of character, she is one of them, at least now.

She sold her soul to lounge on a yacht. Thorne - you forgot The Secret guy American guy seeking chinese language partner Oprah promoted who was later convicted for 3 sweat lodge deaths, James Arthur Ray. You guys also leave out the long time subtle promotion of Scientology.

Tom Cruise, Kirsty Alley,never got questioned in Hot housewives want real sex Tampa Florida "nice" ways about it. Look through her history, a lot of things are eye opening in retrospect. It's always a lie, eventually they're still going to kill or torture the family members anyway.

Have to know what they know, have to make sure she didn't stash anything incriminating that could come back later. This is a totally separate operation.

Thorne " Oprah the worst Woman seeking sex tonight Hinesville Georgia of character, or what? Oprah has this thing for white male figures of authority. She believes them with stars in her eyes.

Of course, that utter faith hasn't hurt houeswives career, let's say. As a consequence, she has foisted charlatans and opportunists on the public. Lordy, she is Hot housewives want real sex Tampa Florida a fraud. Most women, other races, Oprah casts a jaundiced eye Hot housewives want real sex Tampa Florida, but never white men. I can't work up enough caring to investigate this spiritual healer woman of Oprah's who is now trying to run for president.

What sort of play is that? Enty missed the boat on that one. Maybe they could use a toddler as a wishbone and who ever has more when the tyke is ripped apart gets to run the entertainment biddness for 7 yrs, Hot housewives want real sex Tampa Florida first pick of child stars. Dear Rosie Crackpot, Trying to read this blind item, I realized that I had heard sermons by Charlie Manson that made more logical sense.

By the way, how many actual pedos have you actually fought today, by doing something other than posting and posturing about how much of a creep so-and-so is? Historically, these claims—alongside those of well poisoning and host desecration—have been a major theme of the persecution of Jews in Wany.

Yet, all Biblical texts in the Old Testament the part acknowledged by Jews singlehandedly forbid the use of blood, and there isn't a single documented occurence in the entry where oHt libel was actually a thing, as you claimed. But, hey, at least, your conscience doesn't bother you. Blogger confuscious say said This does the read the same as his lunatic rantings and seems like something ripped right out of ultra-right wing conspiratardism.

After we'll over a decade. I know clicks are important to sites. And the biggest clickers these days are your conspiranerds.

This site was about L.

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Reel your Jewish conspiracy building back to '30s Berlin and duck off. We don't need your Seig Heils messing up the nice furniture. Also, ya know why we never hear about the Lez Mafia up to nefarious deeds?

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They too busy swimmin in pussy. Funny how the crumbs may lead to Paddock as well You make me think of Woodard, and I'm still emotional from that: Does anyone ever feel like the world is in a speeding, out of control car, careening towards a cliff?

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The daily blinds here, combined with Hwood saying nothing about Singer, and the MJ doc, noone saying shit. I don't get it.

How much money is enough? How much power does one need? Wtf is the damage to so many psyches? Hwood is a cesspool, spilling Hot housewives want real sex Tampa Florida to every corner of earth.

Are you unfamiliar with this simple fact? Perhaps you ought to go back and re read the comments that preceded mine and then you may understand the context.

How narrow minded you people are. Which is sad for you, but at least you have that arrogant sense of superiority that many poorly read, know it alls, have.