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It's becoming increasingly harder for me to control Teto and not just start slaughtering the rich. Armed revolt by the populace is pretty Girls Teton Village that want to fuck inevitable now; it'll happen in a few more years, once people realize that the economy will not get Gurls.

Once they realize that they have been shafted for years and years it will be a revolution. In all seriousness, history has shown that revolutions are necessary in order to effect major change. OP, I agree with you, but I fortunately have a lower level of anger about it.

I recommend engaging in small acts of civil disobedience. It calms the anger. You can steal their sunglasses at the grocery, key their expensive cars, etc.

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Why do you think the rich live in gated seclusion? It's so that when the plebes do get sick of being screwed and erupt into violent disobedience, it's their own communities they destroy and not those of the real thieves and villains. I know what you mean OP.

I work in a very wealthy area and everyday it is getting harder and harder to stomach them. They reek of entitlement in everything they do and why shouldn't they?

Villabe have lived perhaps for many of them, their entire lives for years with practically everyone they come into contact with, kissing their asses. They have zero humility and no interest in anyone that isn't on their level financially and socially. It may sound fucked up, but I don't give a fuck.

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I fell better after I do it. Now mind you, I would never do it to anyone south of 57th. Don't worry about the rich, we have plans of our own.

Plus we are FAR better equipped to make our plan work. I randomly flip off people.

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The sexual revolution, women's rights, gay rights, civil rights, worker's rights etc. I know a lot of people in the food industry. Many rich people eat spit on a frequent basis. I worked in a coat check several years back Got a bit drunk one night and rubbed my butt crack all over some gash 's fur coat.

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It was during the Madoff time. Oh R24, they ARE coming, in fact they are already here and ready to roll. You may be shocked to find out who they are meant for though, how many guillotines and Long Raleigh fuck sluts camps do poor people have?

I like riding the crowded bus up Madison. Many of the old hags take the bus a few blocks to get to Girls Teton Village that want to fuck another high end botique.

I enjoy sitting while they stand and stare at me. I rub my dick and lick my lips and stare back at them. Occasionally, I'll follow them off the bust just to creep them out.

Rich old ladies are such easy targets. I live on the UES and I see entitled rich people every day.

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Yes, they are cunts. Both the men and the women.

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I enjoy making rich people nervous. I told one the other day that my left titty nipple has an eyeball. It was at Little Pie Company on 43rd and she had to wait on her Girls Teton Village that want to fuck to be boxed. I just laughed and scratched mt left tit. Very nicely done R You do realize the prisons are simply full of people who make rich people nervousdon't Villagd

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Girls Teton Village that want to fuck why we have the guillotines and the camps. Not all rich people Girs horrible, but the rich and powerful should be wary of class divisions. There's a lot of merit to maintaining a healthy and Girls Teton Village that want to fuck middle class. You're all a bunch of morons with penis envy.

In case you didn't notice, hello, this is America where people come to make their fortunes. So get a grip, peel your lips off the bong, get a life, make something out of yourself for a change. I mean Jesus Christ, you people disgust me! I don't want to encourage violence. But if you study history, there are things going on right now that are similar to the times leading up to the French Revolution -- when there was such a disparity between the rich and the poor that members of the aristocracy were guillotined.

The sad thing is that we could make a big Married wife looking sex tonight Wilkes Barre non-violently.

If we could, in large numbers, switch to credit unions and local banks and do as much shopping as we could from local food producers and stateside craftsmen even if it's just wanh places like Etsythings would start to change.

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Yes, and by the time you realize that tens of millions of people with little to lose are also feeling the same way, it may be too late. What's your definition of rich? If someone worked hard their entire lives and saved their money and now have 1mil, should they be killed? Thar, a million isn't Girps anymore. I don't want to hurt anyone physically not usually anyway but I would like to see some misfortune come their way.

I don't care how hard you work on Wall Street, you don't deserve that kind of money. People work just as hard at other jobs and are paid shit. And the money spent on political campaigns is disgusting, really disgusting.

Be careful what you wish Girls Teton Village that want to fuck, OP. Bloody revolutions have resulted in some of the most oppressive Girls Teton Village that want to fuck on earth, with conditions for the hoi polloi far worse Hot wife want nsa San Clemente the culture that proceeded it.

Democracy is rarely the end product of a class war; military dictatorship is much more likely. guck

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If there's a military dictatorship installed, I'll already be one of the "haves. What have the Rich ever given us or society in general? Well also most of our jobs and sources of income and a society where ANYONE can use their brains, talents, or even good looks to become rich regardless of class. Hell, even poor people are Giels worried that someone else might get a Wives seeking nsa Nimrod piece of their pie that they're duped into voting Republican.

The Army made it possible for the rich to behave this way, and the Army is going to take them down. Within the military there fuckk tens of thousands of Girls Teton Village that want to fuck who feel as OP does.

The brass think they have it under control with their bogus religiosity and relentless propaganda and secret John Bircher type networks and political tests for high commands, Girls Teton Village that want to fuck they don't.

It won't be long now before the rich start to Vil,age off mysteriously and at first nobody will even know what's happening.

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There will be no "notes claiming credit," nothing obvious at all. People will think it is natural causes. R57 erroneously credits only the rich for these charitable works. People from all levels donated to the institutions he mentions. There has to be intelligent, energetic, political organizing.

At least a portion of the masses has to be organized and political and demonstrating in the streets all of the time. There are certainly enough reasons to at this time. There should have been a revolution over Hurricane Katrina's aftermath and the payouts to Wall Street, or the lack of universal healthcare but nothing happened.

Occupy Wall Street was the best thing for years - but will Girls Teton Village that want to fuck build on that to something bigger and more effective? He also fails to mention that most of the donations were made during the era of high income and inheritance tax rates. Back Horny milfs in Montgomery Alabama the rich had an incentive to do good as part of their financial and tax planning.

Now we've cut the tax rates to the point where they might as well just write the check and keep Girls Teton Village that want to fuck money. To give credit where credit is due, when I look at R57's list, it's striking how many of those items were funded by the various branches of the Rockefeller family.

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True [67], it has always been the support of the military that has made possible the Revolutions of yore French, Russian, etc. Rich Democrats of the past gave a lot to our country.

The Roosevelts, the Kennedys. Even today, Bill Gates and Warren Buffett do a lot of philanthropy. It's the rich Republicans who wouldn't mind walking on the faces of any of us. But I propose we make an exemption for rich people who have signed the Giving Pledge. Including Gates and Buffett and much as it pains me to say Bloomberg.

They have vowed to give the majority of their wealth away to not-fpr-profit organizations. The ones to Girls Teton Village that want to fuck offed are the ones who spend it nearly all on themselves.

Some of you people are simply crazy. I mean fuckin' crazy. No wonder people are abandoning Datalounge. Hey OP, I smell failure coming from your post.