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Check out what you could play with

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What is the difference between check out on you and check in with you? Feel free to just provide example sentences.

To check OUT someone, or checking someone OUT, is used to mean appraising the person's attractiveness, figuring out how likely the two of you would get along well, etc. He checked out on us a while ago.

To check UP ON but not "upon" someone is to investigate that person's progress, status, etc. Simply to check ON someone means to ascertain that person's wellbeing; e. You said you weren't feeling well, so I just thought I'd check on you.

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I'm not sure whether I've heard that expression or not. And then of course there is the wording applied specifically to materials obtained at a library: This was going to be shorter, but I kept thinking of more prepositions!

I agree with the above.

Check out what you could play with

I think for "check in on" you would use it when you're checking the status of someone else, such as someone in the hospital.

Thanks for the extensive explanation, asp!

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Those examle sentences help! Other types of questions.

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