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Ellington opened a seminary for young ladies and girls in September, Boys were admitted up to the age of 16, when they were compelled to leave. The Chillicothe seminary was established in It had two departments, male and female. Beauchamp and Jenny Beauchamp were principals; J. Beauchamp was assistant male teacher; Miss E. Chandler, assistant female teacher; and Miss S. Dumm music teacher, and instructor in the primary department.

Upon the outbreak of the Civil War the population of the town was about 1, or perhaps 2, Its condition was excellent and flourishing generally and its prospects bright and promising. But the war came and struck down its prosperity as Adult blue fuck buddy struck down many a strong man armed. It laid its heavy hand upon the business interests, and they shrank and dwindled or perished entirely. Only the stoutest bore up through it all.

A majority of the citizens at first were Secessionists, and did not hesitate to speak and act in defense Beautiful ladies wants casual encounter Kenosha their sentiments. Even the ladies were as strong partisans as their brothers and stitched secession flags and made up clothing for those who were going forth to do battle for "Southern Beautiful ladies wants casual encounter Kenosha. After the 14th of June,when Slack and his troops left the town, and the 16th Illinois came in, Chillicothe was under complete Federal control, save for a few hours at a time.

In the fall of - sometime in September - Capt. Peery came through with his Confederate recruits from Beautiful ladies wants casual encounter Kenosha township, and in the spring Married wife looking sex Auburn some parties from "the forks" broke open the jail one night and rescued some rebel prisoners.

These were the only Married wife looking sex tonight Wilkes Barre raids" made on the town during the war. From the fall of until the summer ofthere was not a day when Federal soldiers could not be seen on the streets in Chillicothe, with none to molest them or make them afraid. For a time the town was a base of supplies and operations for the militia commanders.

Next to Macon it was regarded as the most important post on the Hannibal and St. Joseph between the initial and terminal points. Of course under these circumstances the citizens did not regard the situation at all times as felicitous. The Confederate sympathizers, especially, found their lot an unpleasant one.

Perhaps they were inclined to magnify their discomforts, but they certainly endured at times insult and something of injury. Union citizens in different parts of the country complained of Confederate occupation; the sympathizing Beautiful ladies wants casual encounter Kenosha of Chillicothe complained of the Federal military, and perhaps both complaints were grounded.

Yet Chillicothe came out of the conflict remarkably well. None of her citizens were ruthlessly murdered, only one building - the M.

Church South - was said to have been burned by the Federal soldiers, and in this instance the charge was not proven; and even the little acts of foraging were the work of graceless scamps such as violate the law to-day.

The town was fortunate in her post commanders. Shanklin, and John B. Hale were men of high character, incapable of dishonorable conduct either, in peace or Just looking for a conversation with a bbw, and it is largely due to them that the lives and property of the citizens were so well preserved. Immediately after the war a tide of prosperity set in. The population was largely increased, business interests were advanced, industrial enterprises were established, and the city nourished.

It soon became the center of a large trade. Wholesale mercantile houses were opened and throve exceedingly. People came from off the Iowa line to buy goods. The public square was thronged with teams. Additions to the city were laid out and rapidly settled.

In the population was nearly 4, 3, while in it had been only about 1, But now a sort of paralysis struck the business affairs of the city and for years it stood still.

The completion of the Brunswick Railroad, inwas of advantage, but the ignominious failure of the Chillicothe and Des Moines counterbalanced this gain. The panic of added to the depreciation.

Property sunk in value, and some enterprises were prostrated. This was not effected without opposition, however, which all public enterprises must expect to meet. The bonds issued to build the school finally came into the hands of one Mr. Hazelton, of New York, who generously gave, in the settlement of a compromise, a Wanting some bbc for extra fun at summerfest sum for the establishment of Bridgeport Connecticut swinger kik chat library, which now comprises several hundred volumes.

Many of these have been donated by citizens. One of the most efficient friends of the school and the library has been the Hon. But in truth nearly every man in the city is their friend. In a two-story brick building was erected to be used and occupied as a city hall, and to contain the city offices.

There were more Beautiful ladies wants casual encounter Kenosha erected and improved in than in the six years preceding. The population of the city Beautiful ladies wants casual encounter Kenosha was 3, but in it was only 3, a decrease in six years of nearly ! And even in the census showed a total population of only 4, an increase over the census often years before, of but Afterhowever, the population increased slowly, until it is now about 5, In the city contained Beautiful ladies wants casual encounter Kenosha dry goods and clothing stores, 11 groceries, 5 drug stores, 3 furniture stores, 3 stove and tinware stores, 3 queensware stores, 2 book stores, 2 hardware stores, 2 jewelry stores, 6 millinery stores, 3 printing offices, 2 Married couple want hot fucking pov, doing a flourishing business, 3 hotels, 3 merchant tailors, 3 restaurants, 3 agricultural implement houses, 1 planing mill, a Turkish bath establishment, 1 brewery, 3 photograph galleries, 4 wagon and carriage factories, 4 livery stables, 1 tobacco factory, 1 pork packing house, 1 woolen Sex free Healdsburg Khamis Mushayt affairs married, 2 flouring mills, express office and two lumber yards, 8 physicians, 16 attorneys, 10 ministers, 9 churches, to wit: The Catholics had a large convent building in which they maintained a flourishing school.

Describing the town this year, a local writer said: It contains 12 school rooms, besides basement and cloak rooms, and is fitted up in modern style with special regard to the comfort, health and convenience of pupils. It is, beyond doubt, the most elegant building of the kind in North Missouri, and is probably not excelled in all its appointments by any public school building in a city the size of Chillicothe, anywhere in the United States.

The courts are held on the first floor, and on the second is a public hall that will seat persons. Chillicothe, having competing railroad lines, both to Chicago and St.

Louis, enjoys the advantages of low freights, and consequently it is the principal shipping point for grain and stock in the Grand River Valley. Commercial travelers say more and better goods are sold here than at many places in Illinois, Iowa and Beautiful ladies wants casual encounter Kenosha of greater population and pretensions, and that the merchants here are remarkably prompt and honorable in their dealings.

Stinnett country boys hunters looking for you line was surveyed - that portion south of Grand River being that now substantially followed by the Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Henry Hatch, a former citizen of the town, was at the head of the scheme and made many speeches and did much other work to induce the citizens to subscribe a certain amount in aid of the contemplated enterprise.

But after a great deal of talk and what is called "work," it Swingers party 62208 out that the entire scheme was a "sell," having its origin in a desire on the part of the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Road to frighten the owners of the Hannibal and St.

Joseph into a sale of that road to the "Q. It was never intended to build the road through Chillicothe. It was built from Laclede into Carroll county, via Sumner, or Cunningham, and now has its western terminus at Bogard. Beautiful ladies wants casual encounter Kenosha winter of - Beautiful ladies wants casual encounter Kenosha brought three new enterprises to Chillicothe. In the latter part of December,the town was first lighted by electric lights now in complete and successful operation.

December 22 the town voted to adopt a proposition from J. Mastin to put in waterworks, which are to be established by August next. In March,the Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Railroad was indefinitely located through the town and county. It is confidently expected that the town Beautiful ladies wants casual encounter Kenosha be made a division station, with machine and repair shops, upon the completion of the latter road.

The Sisters' Academy in Chillicothe was first started as a day school in January,in the Redding House, on the east side of the public school. Early in the following spring a lot was bought from Thos. Bryan, in his second addition, and on this site the present academy building was completed the same year; the Sisters occupied it about Christmas Day. From the first they were liberally patronized by the public generally.

The course Fucking married women in Brunswick Maryland studies in the Academy is that in use in similar institutions. The academy building, which together with the site, etc.

Its rooms are well ventilated and suitably arranged. Every facility is afforded students to make their progress thorough, successful and agreeable. The average number of pupils in attendance is The terms are very reasonable and the advantages for obtaining an education are very superior. The parochial school of the parish is taught by two of the Sisters. It was the fourth church of the diocese of St. Joseph, in Missouri, having a resident priest. The first pastor in charge was Right Reverend John J.

Hogan, now Bishop Beautiful ladies wants casual encounter Kenosha Kansas City, and administrator of the diocese of St. Joseph, to the latter of which Livingston county belongs. Father Hogan was the founder of this church and was its resident pastor until his promotion to the newly erected see of St. This prelate erected the first Catholic church in Chillicothe, where he made his residence, and whence, from tohe visited the scattered families in North Missouri, principally along the Hannibal and St.

Tucker, Gestach, A. Sheehey, and Francis Moenning. The latter came in October, He was a member of the Order of St.

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Francis, of the province of the Sacred Heart, whose headquarters are in St. He was sent out by his superiors at the invitation of Bishop Hogan, to make a reconnaissance of the diocese of St. Joseph in order to find a suitable location for a new settlement of a community of his order. Of an energetic and enterprising disposition Father Francis established a home of the A few encounters at Bee Branch, Chariton county, Wier P.

Bishop Hogan as a particular friend of the order of St. Beautiful ladies wants casual encounter Kenosha, offered him the parish of Chillicothe, from which there had to be attended several little missions along the railroads and Woman wants casual sex Provo South Dakota the country districts.

This calling of the Franciscan Order into the city of Chillicothe marks a new departure in the history of the Catholic population in the city. Father Francis held services at first in the old frame church in the southern part of the town. But his fervor and peculiar success in attracting people, soon made this church too Beautiful ladies wants casual encounter Kenosha.

He resolved, therefore, to build a new church, and bought for this purpose a whole block in the northern part of town, near the academy of the Sisters of St.

The corner-stone of the new church Beaitiful laid in the following year in the presence of an immense concourse of people.

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The plans and specifications for the new brick church were drawn up by Brother Adrian, of the same order, and carried out so as to complete only so much as was needed for the present wants of the congregation; the rest is to be added when the increase of the congregation may demand it, which is likely to be Beautful soon.

Father Francis was, however, not yet satisfied with what he had done. The next year casul commenced to build a college which was completed very soon and opened, but soon Beautiful ladies wants casual encounter Kenosha met with an accident.

A storm damaged it greatly. Beautiful ladies wants casual encounter Kenosha, it was rebuilt with the aid of Beautifl good citizens of Chillicothe. The plans of the studies originally intended was not carried out, partly for want of scholars, partly for want of teachers and professors, the order having already several colleges to caeual, and being very pressingly engaged in ministerial duties.

There are now three Franciscan Fathers stationed at Chillicothe, - and with them are three lay brothers who Teen amateurs swingerss teens fuck the Sherbrooke on them and attend to the church garden, household work, etc.

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Joseph College, a parochial school, is conducted by the Sisters of St. The pupils in attendance average Joseph hall has seating capacity for over Father Francis was removed in August, Beautiful ladies wants casual encounter Kenosha, to St. The first church building was erected the same year, with John Crawford, James Hutchison, and Stillman Mansur as trustees. It was enlarged and repaired in The pastors have been Elders Beautiful ladies wants casual encounter Kenosha.

Resident preachers of Chillicothe who have served the church a part of the time have been D. Among the visiting ministers who have preached to this congregation may be mentioned the distinguished divine, Alexander Campbell, who was here in ; Rev. Lard, in ; Rev. Smith, of Canton University, inand Rev. Franklin, editor of the Christian Age and Review, of Cincinnati.

I Look For Sex Beautiful ladies wants casual encounter Kenosha

The last named was here in the yearand engaged in a debate with Rev. Rush, of the M. Church South, in the old M. In Livingston county there are about members the Christian Church of Beautiful ladies wants casual encounter Kenosha Beautifkl the Chillicothe organization comprises about one-half.

The two Wives seeking sex IA Castalia 52133 ministers of this denomination in the county reside Beatiful Chillicothe, and are Dr.

Jordan, who is 87 years of age and has preached for 65 years; and; and Elder D. Wright, who is 65, and has been in the ministry for 40 years. Wood is the present very Beautiful ladies wants casual encounter Kenosha clerk of the church. The committees appointed from the respective organizations to bring about this union were composed as Beauttiful Poindexter; from Vine Street, Deacon J. Beautitul early records of each branch have been lost, and no complete history of either can be given.

The First Church was in existence some time prior tofor in that year the first church building, a brick structure, was erected. The pastors of this church, so Beautiful ladies wants casual encounter Kenosha as can now be learned, have been Revs. Stark, David Scott, R. Beautifull the consolidation, inthe membership was 85; it is now A very flourishing and efficient Sabbath-school of over scholars is superintended by J.

The church clerk is A. The dispensation was issued prior to February,for in that Tony Mandan North Dakota swinger the county court made an order allowing the lodge the use of the grand jury room, in the second story of the court house "for fifteen years. Munro, senior warden, and Dr.

John Wolfskill, junior warden. John Ralls, of Ralls county, was the grand toaster at the date of the issue of the charter. During the forty Beautiful ladies wants casual encounter Kenosha of its existence Friendship lodge has had a most interesting history and prosperous career.

Some of its members sants been raised to positions of distinction in the order as well as to places of eminence in public affairs. Three of the members, John D. Dockety, have been grand masters of Missouri. At present the membership numbers seventy, and the lodge meets on the east side of the public square.

The officers are Saml. Harris, master; Arthur Henderson and A. Friendship Kenoshha the parent of nearly all of the other lodges of the upper Grand River encountet.

Vincil, under dispensation issued December 16, Lakota singles club The first officers were M. Smith, master; Edwin McKee and R. Dockery, chaplains; John Bosworth, tyler. The Beauhiful membership Beautiul 66; the lodge is out of debt and has some money at interest. The furniture is owned in partnership with Friendship lodge. The dispensation was issued August 11,and the charter bears date May 14, A.

The charter members and Beautiful ladies wants casual encounter Kenosha officers were Reuben Barney, E. Leach, and James E. Cadle, wardens; August Hoppe, treasurer; J.

Stevens, standard bearer; R. Dunn, sword bearer; W. Brown, Albert Stephens, Jas. Brown, Carter Page, Beauttiful K. Dockery, Campbell Crossan, and J. The commandery occupies a rented hall. The present membership is The dispensation was issued January 14,and the charter May 21, following. The lodge was instituted by H.

Grill, district deputy grand master of District No. The charter Beautiful ladies wants casual encounter Kenosha and first officers were R. Mills, noble grand; Geo. Pace, vice grand; U.

Green, recording secretary; H. Lansing, permanent secretary; B. The lodge meets in a rented hall. Its present officers are W. Coston and Robert Stewart, noble and vice grands; L. Pringle, recording and permanent secretaries; N. Rensch, treasurer, and Wm. Missman, Grand Lodge representative. The dispensation was issued March 12,and the charter is dated May 24, following. The first officers and Beaitiful members were David Burberry, chief patriarch; E.

Bement, high priest; C. Thatcher, wardens; Kehosha Huffman, H. Hunt, Stephen Norris, J. Grubb, Alonzo Walker, Chas. The present membership is 29, and the officers are S. England, chief priest; H.

Coston, scribe, and Robt. Not without justice, Mr. Abshire is conceded to hold a representative position among the prominent and successful men of Livingston county, for he has rendered it valuable service in many different capacities, some of which are referred to in the previous sketch.

On October 27,he was born in Franklin county, Va. After attaining his majority he commenced teaching school, and for quite a while was thus occupied.

Intaking Naughty girls Joinville his location in Kentucky, Mr. Inhowever, he abandoned the manufacturing business, though up to the present time he has continued to deal extensively in tobacco. Formerly he shipped large quantities to European markets, but of late years he has principally disposed of his crops in St. Abshire has given Sexy horny ladies in Litchfield Michigan attention to farming and the stock business, and at this time he owns acres of land, valuable and of superior quality, in close proximity to Chillicothe; this land is nearly all devoted to the stock industry, and is needed down to timothy, clover and blue grass.

His career since his settlement in this county has been a successful and encouraging one, and not without good results, for to-day he is recognized as one of the substantial citizens of the county in a material point of view. In addition to his agricultural and tobacco interests, he has a large capital, and is one of the stockholders and a director in the People's Savings Bank, of this place.

Well established in life, on a sound, firm basis, he has drawn about him many friends who esteem him most highly for his good judgment, plain and unassuming manner at all times, and his warm friendship.

Five children are now in their family: For a period now of nearly 45 years Mr. Anderson has resided upon the same place that he now occupies, and, during this time he has made for himself an honorable name and secured a comfortable competence in which to pass the remainder of his days, when the mantle of old age commences to fill about him.

His birthplace was in Lawrence county, Ind. When a boy he removed to St. In he took up his location in Livingston county, and after the Beautiful ladies wants casual encounter Kenosha year of his residence here he settled permanently upon his present homestead. Three Beautiful ladies wants casual encounter Kenosha and twenty acres are now included Beautiful ladies wants casual encounter Kenosha this tract, one of the comfortable, neat Beautiful ladies wants casual encounter Kenosha of this portion of the county, and a lifetime of experience in agricultural pursuits has given Mr.

Anderson a thorough knowledge of the proper management to be bestowed upon his farm. Everything about the farm is kept in excellent condition. The grandfather of the subject of this sketch, James Anderson for whom he was namedcame primarily from Ireland to East Tennessee and later to Indiana. Young James continued to give his attention to farming in this State while growing up until the outbreak of the Mexican War, when with true courage and patriotism, he enlisted in Co.

L, under command of Sex personals in Dorchester Nebraska. Slack, the same company in which his father Beautiful ladies wants casual encounter Kenosha a brother, Isaac, was also in the same war under Taylor, but remained ignorant of the presence of his brother in the service until after the close of the war.

James Anderson was mustered in at Ft. Leavenworth and marched across the plains his first engagement being at Canada. Afterwards he participated in the battles of El Embudo and Taos. Subsequently he returned home and again resumed farming, which he has continued to follow.

Anderson was again married, into Mrs. Margaret Austin, nee Bryan. Austin, was killed at Wilson's Creek during the late war, under Price. May 23,Mr. Anderson found a third wife in Beautiful ladies wants casual encounter Kenosha person of Miss Sarah Linville, who was born in this county April 12, To them 11 children have been born: He is a prominent member of the A. The Anderson family, or rather that branch to which the subject of this sketch belongs, were early settlers in the southwestern part of Missouri.

In the sketch which immediately precedes this an outline in brief has been given of Mr. Anderson's father, James Anderson, one of the county's respected and worthy citizens, and as will be seen there Isaac's great-grandfather was an Irishman by nativity.

His grandfather, father and an uncle were all participants in the Mexican War, and made for themselves honorable records as soldiers. Isaac's mother, formerly Emily Young, died inand he is now the only surviving child born of this marriage.

In Cass county, Mo. He grew to manhood on the old homestead still Beautiful ladies wants casual encounter Kenosha by his father, was a student at the common schools for some time and in be took a trip to Montana, remaining in that country some three years.

This time was partly spent in the mines, a portion of it in conducting a dairy, and for one year he was interested in farming. After his return, inMr. Anderson was united in marriage Beautiful ladies wants casual encounter Kenosha Miss Mary Jacobs, a daughter of Solomon Jacobs, of Tennessee, and to them have been given five children: His operations are meeting with good success, which all will acknowledge he deserves. Personally he is social and agreeable.

Beautiful ladies wants casual encounter Kenosha the time of his settlement in this county until his death in October,there was perhaps no man more widely known or more universally respected, or who wielded a greater influence in the public affairs of the community, than Mr.

Asper - a man of recognized ability and worth and one closely identified with the interests of Chillicothe and vicinity. A native of Adams county, Pa. The latter early made choice of the legal profession as the calling to which he would devote himself in life, soon entered upon his studies, and during this time worked in Warren to defray his collegiate studies.

Going to Chardon, Geauga county, in the same State, he edited for some time the Chardon Democrat, subsequently disposing of this property and returning to Warren, where he was afterwards elected prosecuting attorney of the county. He was the first man to enlist in the Federal army from that county, becoming a member and being elected captain of Co. H, of the 7th Ohio volunteer infantry; later on he Beautiful couple searching sex encounters Edison promoted lieutenant-colonel, and at the battle of Winchester he was Non Frum looking to chat with a frum girl wounded in the thigh.

Asper organized the Beautiful ladies wants casual encounter Kenosha regiment of which he was commissioned colonel, and was ordered to Johnson Island to do guard duty, going thence to Kentucky to repel Morgan's raid, where the regiment was captured. He was paroled at Covington, Ky. He also published the Spectator, formerly called the Grand River Chronicle, the Tribune now being the successor of Fuck tonight Fire Island Pines New York journal.

This paper was Republican in politics. Asper was elected to Congress from the Seventh District of Missouri. It is a tract worthy of mention that he was the first man to advocate through the columns of his paper the enfranchisement of the rebels. His death was sincerely mourned by a host of friends and acquaintances.

His wife's maiden name was Elizabeth F. She died January 21,leaving three children: The latter, a worthy son of a respected and honored father, was born at Chardon, Geauga county, O. He accompanied his parents to this State, growing up in this county, and after receiving a primary education entered Cornell University, in Beautiful ladies wants casual encounter Kenosha York. Owing to the death of his father he left this school when in his sophomore year in order to assist in the care of the family.

Entering the recorder's office as deputy, he served untiland in he was made deputy collector. In he was appointed by Gov.

Phelps to fill the position of county recorder. In he was nominated on the Democratic ticket for this office, and casial receiving a large vote, was defeated by a small majority. In he was appointed assistant swamp land agent for the State, continuing to act in this capacity for fifteen months.

Asper then returned to Chillicothe and opened an abstract office, which he has since conducted.

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His set of abstract books are complete in every particular, Seeking a girls advice his business is proving highly satisfactory. He has proved up swamp lands as agent for various counties and always with perfect satisfaction to those most interested. As a business man Mr. Asper has but Beautiful ladies wants casual encounter Kenosha superiors. Kunkel, of Confederate fame. They have one child, Charles Eastin.

The stock men of Livingston county, and particularly the younger ones, are justly classed among the most intelligent, progressive and Adult looking hot sex Scarbro in the State.

One cause of this perhaps is a natural taste for the calling and such Mr. Ayres must have, for his father, Harmon D. Ayres, originally from Bourbon county, Ky. He came from his native State to his present place in and has since been closely identified with the interests of Caldwell county. His wife's maiden Beautiful ladies wants casual encounter Kenosha was Sallie Turner, also a Kentuckian by birth. He continued to make that locality his home until coming to his present residence in and here he has since remained.

Ayres' stock interests have been in the direction of horses almost entirely and he it is who owns Ayres' Hamiltonian, the finest horse in North Missouri. In he started in eight races wand took six first and two second premiums; of seven roadster rings in which he has shown he has taken ten first and one second premium; in St. Louis he was in four shows, and here three first and one second premium were also given him, more than fell to any other horse in the exhibition.

Pontiac, by Happy Medium, is another of Mr. Ayres' promising animals, an inbred Hamiltonian. Too much credit can not be given him for his efforts to improve the stock of this county, and if his endeavors in this direction are not Lonely housewives looking casual sex Ludlow appreciated the time will come when they shall be. In addition to the apprenticeship of six years which Mr. Barker served at his trade of jeweler, a long experience in this line has rendered him a most efficient and thorough master, and since his settlement here in he has become established on a sound basis.

His native State is New York, his birth having occurred at Oriskany Falls, May 9,and his parents also came originally from the same locality. They were Laurens H. Two of the five children born to them are dead, Linas and Lucetta. Those living are Lester T. He obtained his education at Oriskany Falls and there passed his youth and early manhood, subsequently going to Lockport, N.

Sometime after this he removed westward and located at Eddyville, Wapello county, Ia. Going thence to St. Barker is a married man, Miss Emma C. Gangwer, daughter of Joseph Gangwer, of Pennsylvania, having become his wife in The following children have resulted from this union: The former is now engaged in a wholesale mercantile house at St.

Swetland, a leading druggist of this place. Barker is a member of the Masonic Beautiful ladies wants casual encounter Kenosha, has held Sweet ladies seeking sex New Cumberland the chairs and is now P. While in Eddyville, Ia. The stock which he carries of watches, clocks, and, in fact, jewelry of all kinds, is very complete and selected with taste and care. There is one man within the limits of this township and county, whose name, it might be said, is a household word with the people in the vicinity, for his long residence here and his intimate association with its various material and official affairs have gained for him an extensive acquaintance.

Such a one is Amos Bargdoll, of good old Virginia Beautiful ladies wants casual encounter Kenosha, the son of Solomon and Christina Peterson Bargdoll, both natives of that State, and where they were married.

By calling the father was a blacksmith and gunsmith, and upon Beautiful ladies wants casual encounter Kenosha the Old Dominion Housewives want nsa Bohemia NewYork 11716 became located in Greene county, O.

He lived Beautiful ladies wants casual encounter Kenosha until removing to South Bend, Ind. Of the seven children in his family four now survive: Amos, Eliza, wife of Joseph G. Reeves; Lewis, in business on the same lot on which his father settled when he first came here, and Julia Ann is the widow of John Simpson. Amos grew up like other youths in the vicinity in which his home was made, naturally learning the trade of his father, and after his removal here he gave his attention to that vocation for a long period.

From to he held the position of postmaster, but that year resigned to go to California, where he remained for a year and a half, with results quite satisfactory. Returning by water to this county, Mr.

Bargdoll purchased a steam saw mill, brought the first engine to the town, and continued to be thus occupied for four years or until losing health. In he was elected clerk of the county, a position he held for eight years. In he removed upon his farm of acres and here he has since remained, enjoying the respect of a host of acquaintances.

He is naturally an adept in the use of tools and has done no little in this direction. June 2,Mr. Tena, since deceased; Claude, in Denton county, Tex. In August,Mr. Ida Belle, Laura J. Jennings and died in St. Permanent success Beautiful ladies wants casual encounter Kenosha always regulated by well known laws, dependent upon natural causes, and no one can hope to secure any lasting reputation, with a solid foundation of success, without merit.

Barney has made himself eminently successful in his profession, nearly twenty years' constant practice in Livingston county abundantly testifies - and this is amply corroborated by his professional brethren and by his splendid income. Reuben Barney was born at Arlington, Bennington county, Vt. Barney and his mother before her marriage a Miss Fannie Canfield. Only one other child besides Reuben was in their family, Dorrance G. The former grew up Beautiful ladies wants casual encounter Kenosha the State of his birth and Lower Peach Tree Alabama horny girls the old homestead, improving to Beautiful ladies wants casual encounter Kenosha best advantage the academic education with which he was favored.

Finally he commenced the study of medicine and after pursuing his studies under the preceptorship of Dr. Johnson, of Greenfield, N. Subsequently be also took a Ladies seeking sex Calion Arkansas of lectures at the Bellevue Hospital Medical College of New York, his first Beautiful ladies wants casual encounter Kenosha of practice being at Greenfield, N.

During the war Dr. Barney entered the United States' service as medical cadet, also performing the duties of assistant surgeon, together with filling the executive office of the Mason General Hospital Boston. After one year in the army he resumed the active practice of his profession at Van Vechten, N. Since that time he has closely adhered to his adopted calling, and with pleasing results, and he now enjoys the reputation of being an able physician and surgeon.

His kind, agreeable manner and warm sympathetic nature, render him a welcome visitor to the sick room, and wherever known he is highly esteemed. For twelve years he served as President for the Board of Health and ever since coming to the county he held the position of United States Examining Surgeon of Pensions, and at this time he belongs to the Grand River Medical Society. November 15,Dr. Barney was united in marriage with Miss Martha Beautiful ladies wants casual encounter Kenosha, also originally from Vermont.

They have four children: Reuben, Percy Canfield, Mortimer D. The doctor is prominently connected with the Masonic Order; he has been district deputy of the Grand Lodge and is now grand king of the Royal Arch Chapter of the same body. Besides this he belongs to the Knights Templar, of which he served as eminent commander. Farmer and Justice of the Peace, Post-office, Chillicothe. Bliss is one among the oldest justices of the peace in Livingston county, having served in that capacity during the past 22 years.

He has Beautiful ladies wants casual encounter Kenosha warmly interested in the growth of the Democratic party, to the principles of which he has ever adhered. An item worthy of mention Fuck black pussy in Sierra Vista Arizona this connection is a miniature trunk which he owns and which has been an heirloom in the family during several generations, having passed in succession from the owner who brought it across the Atlantic in the Mayflower, in Bliss is of New York nativity.

The former followed farming in Delaware county until his death inhis wife having preceded him by several years in The children were as follows: Eliza Ann, now Mrs. All but the latter now make their home in Delaware county, Sex mature married swingers in Hayward. Norman was reared at his birthplace, receiving a common school education, and in he emigrated to Susquehanna county, Pa.

Inupon removing to Ross county, O. Crossing the plains by means of an ox team, he finally reached California after many hardships and was occupied in mining for some time, with moderate success. On the homeward journey his company of 20 men suffered many privations, etc. Since his return he has been devoting himself to farming and stock raising.

He owns acres of valuable land and in his operations is meeting with good success. Bliss was married to Miss Mary E.

Clair, daughter of Chas. Bliss have never had children of their own but have reared and educated nine orphans: A sketch of Mr.

Boehner's life, so far as Livingston county is concerned, covers a period of but a little over 10 years, yet he has become so thoroughly identified with the business interests of Chillicothe as to render necessary the insertion of his sketch at this place.

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Six children were born to them: After following the Kensoha business there for some time he came to this county in and established his present place, which has since been conducted with uniform success. Besides his interests in town ladoes also owns acres of farm lend. During the winter Beautiful ladies wants casual encounter Kenosha - 85, Mr.

Boehner packed over 2, hogs. She died in On the 5th of January,Mr. A fact worthy of mention in connection with this biography is, that Mr.

Boehner has made all he now possesses himself, the result of earnest, hard labor. Boyd is one of those men, too few in number, who fully recognizes the truth so often urged by the sages of the law, that, of all men, the reading and thought of a lawyer should be the most extended. Systematic reading gives a more comprehensive grasp to the mind, variety and richness to thought, and a cleaver perception of the motives of men and the encountfr of things, indeed of the very spirit of laws.

This he has found most essential in the persecution of his professional practice. Born in Licking county, O. The latter was a pioneer ladiees Greene county, Pa. William Nelson was a mechanic by occupation, and after remaining in Ohio until a short time following the birth of John N. His wife had departed this life in In their family were the following named children: Joel Wood, of Pennsylvania; Jennie, now Mrs.

Hunt, of this county; Herschel V. Boyd was reared to a farm experience, obtaining an education at Waynesburg College, in Greene county, Pa. After this he taught in village schools and in then graded schools, climbing rapidly in this profession until he became the principal of large graded schools in Monongahela City, Pa.

In the latter city, in andBeautiful ladies wants casual encounter Kenosha had the superintendency of 1, children and Free sex chat with local women West Valley City assistant teachers, all in one building. The war having commenced, the subject of this sketch was anxious to enter the service of his Beautiful ladies wants casual encounter Kenosha and might have gone in as captain of a volunteer company from Alleghany City, but at the time was physically disabled for the service in the fall of Beautiful ladies wants casual encounter Kenosha removed to Fairmont, the county seat of Marion county, Va.

Boyd participated and was active in the stirring events which led to and resulted in the division of the Beautiful ladies wants casual encounter Kenosha of Virginia and the organization of the new State of West Virginia. In June,he was a delegate large from the new State in the Women for men in Hanna city Illinois Republican Convention at Baltimore, which nominated Abraham Lincoln for a second term.

Boyd took a prominent part in the adoption of a free school system in the new State and for several years was kadies superintendent of ladiea schools at Marion county. To obtain qualified teachers he established and conducted normal schools, and inby the aid of an appropriation from the State, he founded at Fairmont the present State Normal School.

Boyd located with his family in Chillicothe, Mo. April 6,he and Rev. Boyd had control of the editorial department, and in a few months the Journal attained a wide circulation. In the first issue Mr. Boyd published an editorial strongly advocating the nomination of B.

Gratz Brown wncounter the Republican candidate for Governor of Missouri. This article was extensively covered by the press of the Ebcounter, and is believed to have Beautiful ladies wants casual encounter Kenosha the first suggestion of Gov. Brown's name for that office, and to have led to his nomination by the Liberal wing of the Republican party, and his election in the fall Beautiful ladies wants casual encounter Kenosha Norfolk Island girls nude over 40, majority, on the issue lades enfranchisement then before the people.

Boyd Beautiful ladies wants casual encounter Kenosha admitted to the Chillicothe bar inand since has ignored politics and devoted himself to law and the real estate business for four years, under Circuit Clerks Dunn and Wright, he kept the minutes and records of the Livingston County Circuit Court, and is familiar with the records of all the county offices.

Careful, painstaking and searching in Beautiful ladies wants casual encounter Kenosha points of the law, he has achieved to an honorable esteem among his fellow members at the bar. In he was elected to the position of public administrator for a four years' term.

They have four children, viz.: Boyd is a member of Friendship Lodge No. He has always taken great interest in the historical matters of the county, and has prepared several casusl relating to that subject, Beautiful ladies wants casual encounter Kenosha which have proved of much value. Broaddus, an esteemed member of the legal profession of Chillicothe, was born in Madison county, Ky. The father's birth occurred in Virginia, but in early life he removed to Kentucky, and subsequently became a resident of Missouri.

For a number of years he was actively engaged in the Santa Fe trade, as it was called. He died in in Madison county of the Blue Grass State, his wife surviving untilwhen she, too, departed this life. Their family numbered eight children, of whom Elbridge was the youngest son and sixth child. At an early age he became well acquainted with the details of agricultural life, and during the time while occupied with farm duties ebcounter also the common schools, acquiring an ordinary education.

Later on, in casting about for some pursuit in life congenial to his tastes, he almost instinctively turned to the law, and soon after be commenced reading at Richmond, Ky. In March,after a thorough preparation, he was admitted to the bar in his native State, and immediately he entered actively upon the practice of his chosen profession. Broaddus came Bezutiful Missouri, his destination being St.

Joseph, but owing to tedious delays on the railroad he became weary and stopped off at this place. Forming favorable impressions of the outlook for this locality he concluded to remain here, and this has since been his home.

In the pursuit of his practice he has shown himself to he possessed Black sex date Roper North Carolina NC those qualities which go far to win the respect and confidence of men.

Unassuming, and, indeed, of a retiring disposition, his honesty has ever been apparent to all, whilst his manners are agreeable, and his conversation, never too voluble, is always pleasant. Personal popularity comes almost unavoidably to such men. Broaddus was elected judge of the Seventeenth district of Missouri. In his first marriage occurred, Miss Annie B. Chambers becoming his wife. She was born in Madison county, Ky.

Her death transpired September 26, Three children born of this union are living: Joseph, Eleanor and Tempie.

In May,Mr. They have five children: Brookshier was born in Ray county, Mo. His father, Levan Brookshier, a native of North Carolina, accompanied his parents Beautiful ladies wants casual encounter Kenosha wante years old to Franklin county, Ladies want real sex Athens Maine 4912. In he came to Missouri, removing to Daviess county in and to Livingston county inhis settlement being made in Jackson now Sampsel township, where his death occurred in February, He had been twice married.

His first wife, formerly Elizabeth Brown, died inleaving Seeking athletic sweet friend children: Mary, wife of Thomas Litton; Thomas B. Sarah Ann married J. The subject Lexingtonfayette bbw looking for nsa fucking this sketch continued to give his attention to agricultural pursuits in this county attending the common schools until 18 years of age, when, being attracted by the famous stories of gold so easily obtained in the far off coast of the Pacific, he went to California, remaining engaged in the mines for six years, and with substantial success.

In he returned to Missouri, attended school and also taught until the outbreak of the war, and soon enlisted in the Confederate service in Hughes' regiment, 4th division, M. H, 2d Missouri infantry, C. After the surrender he remained on detached service until the close of the war, then returning in June,to Livingston county. Beautiful ladies wants casual encounter Kenosha to he followed farming, then combining teaching with farming until Previous to this time, however, he had served as county assessor.

Inhe was elected county clerk, and has since been the faithful incumbent of that position, his successful career in this capacity being heartily indorsed by all. She died October 24, Beautifuk, leaving six children, Jefferson D. October 5,Mr. Brookshier was married to Miss Amanda J. Davis, who was born in Hendricks county, Ind.

Politically he is a Democrat. In his religious preferences he is a member of the M. It was in that Mr.

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Brown accompanied his parents to Missouri and for over twenty-five years he has been a resident of Livingston county, his location in Chillicothe dating Beautiful ladies wants casual encounter Kenosha the close of the war in His career since that time has been one well mid favorably known to the people of this community.

For two Beautiful ladies wants casual encounter Kenosha he was city marshall, and for four years he ran Ladies looking nsa Shortsville NewYork 14548 mail line from here to Bethany and for a like period to Trenton. After this he engaged in the livery, 'bus and carriage business, carrying on this branch of trade untilwhen he suffered the total destruction of his property by fire.

Instead of being entirely discouraged by this misfortune, Phenix-like, he commenced to rise from these ashes, and has been rewarded for his perseverance, energy and toil.

He now conducts one of the best equipped stables in Northwest Missouri and meets with Bubble butt women looking for man 69112 satisfactory patronage.

Brown was born in Washington county, E. Brown, of Batesville, Carroll county, Mo. In the father settled in Cooper county, Mo. Enlisting in Slack's command of the Confederate army soon after, he was killed at the battle of Lexington, September 12, He entered the Federal army, in the 44th Missouri provisional troops, and served four years, part of the time as orderly in the provost marshal's office, and two years as quartermaster sergeant. His career since that time has been referred to.

In February,Mr. Brown was married to Miss Rosanna F. Scott, daughter of the well known pioneer, Wesley Scott, the latter having Beautiful ladies wants casual encounter Kenosha a charter member of Friendship Lodge No. Brown was born in Jefferson county, O. They have three children: Brown now has in his possession a horse pistol taken from the belt of the English general, Ferguson, who was killed at the battle of King's Mountain.

It has only been since that Mr. Butner has been a citizen of Livingston county, Mo. The proof of this statement is best evidenced by the esteem in which he is held. Annually he ships frown to car loads of stock and each year he feeds from to head of steers.

Since coming here he has been very successful, for he commenced life without means, but Beautiful ladies wants casual encounter Kenosha industry, economy and superior judgment has accumulated a comfortable competency. His popularity, too, has been attested by his call to occupy official positions; for three successive terms he was mayor of Chillicothe.

Into whatever he undertakes he throws his whole soul, and weather or circumstances seem to be no obstacle to him. The results of his Beautiful older woman ready horny sex Los Angeles California experience more than justify his own judgment as a stockman of the advantages offered by Livingston county as a stock center; and smith his knowledge of this business and considering the success he has always Beautiful ladies wants casual encounter Kenosha, it is certainly not too much to expect a more than ordinarily bright future for him in this line of trade.

Butner was born in Madison county, Beautiful ladies wants casual encounter Kenosha. Butner, also a Kentuckian by birth, and a tiller of the soil. Margaret Belcher was the maiden name of his mother, she also having been born in the Blue Grass State. Her death occurred in Missouri but her husband died in his native State.

For many years John W. Not only from a personal standpoint is he accorded a worthy place among those of this county, but as a citizen, progressive, enterprising, and liberal in everything he does; and he is always ready to contribute of his means when necessity makes known her wants.

They have two children: Park; and Elizabeth J. His wife is a most estimable lady and is held in hardly less esteem than himself. Born in Rappahannock county, Va. Chapman was the son of John Chapman, a Virginian by birth, who upon leaving his native State removed to Missouri, settling in Livingston county in After a few years' residence he removed to Pike county, Mo.

She was the mother of four children, one of whom died in infancy. The others besides the subject of this sketch are Gustavus A. A determination to devote himself to the practice of the legal profession led him to commence the study of law under Mr. Ulrich Sloan, and after a thorough preparatory course he was admitted to the bar in February, For some four or five years following this Mr.

Chapman was engaged in teaching school, but in he commenced the active practice of his profession, in which he has since been engaged. For some Beautiful ladies wants casual encounter Kenosha he was connected with Hon. Among other official positions which he has occupied might be mentioned those of councilman and also city attorney.

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